How Fearless Records won 2015

2015 saw a lot of different things for rock and metal, lots of new bands entered the scene, lots of old bands made comebacks, and a lot of our favorites put out new music too add onto it. But one label had everything going for them, Fearless. Fearless had everything going for them, from who they picked up to the band’s they already had on their roster, Fearless won 2015, in a year where music in general may have suffered from poor sales and more generic pop as always.

They picked up some promising new bands. They picked up I Prevail after the band released their cover of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space. The band’s cover has amazed over 18 million views on YouTube, and their EP has been streamed over a million times on Spotify. Talk about a catch. The band is already making waves in the metal core world, and they have yet to release a full length, something we can probably expect in 2016. To add onto that the label added Wage War, who shocked the Metal world with Blueprints, their first album, and had their top song Alive be streamed over 200,000 times in under a month. To top it off they signed My Enemies & I, a metal band with some serious presence from Virginia. Fiends (followers of the band) were shocked when their EP Sick world disappeared earlier this year, and the band’s social media went black. Fans were delighted when in September they announced they had signed with Fearless and re-released their EP after having it re-mastered. The band has amassed a following, and has a promising future.

As well Fearless took a chance on signing Ice Nine Kills, a band who has been without a label for a while. They signed them, then sent them out on tour with their other new signs. They tore up the Fresh Faces Tour, then released Every trick in The book, which has been one of their best albums to date, channeling a direction the band can roll with and succeed with. Their lead single from the album is coming up on one million streams, and the album has had a good amount of commercial success in less than a month.

Fearless also had their regular bands drop amazing releases. Get Scared, Blessthefall, August Burns Red, and Chunk! No Captain Chunk! all released killer albums with both commercial success and listener all approval. August Burns Red even got themselves a Grammy nomination for top Metal Band. Too add onto it they released Punk goes Pop volume 6, which had massive success, and was then re-released with more covered from I Prevail, Ice Nine Kills, and PVRIS.

Fearless won 2015, they owned 2015. They had a strong year from their own bands, took a gamble on a band and won, and added a plethora of new bands to their roster to ensure 2016 and beyond a bright for them as well. Fearless Records showed us what good scouting and good artist management can do. From pop punk to metal core, Fearless are keeping the scene alive and well, with bands new and old. Whether you’re a label fan boy or not, stay Fearless.

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