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Metal On Loud: The Metalheads Foundation (MHF) is an online Metal, Rock and Punk magazine with its own community. We are ambassadors of all that is Heavy. Join us on Facebook, or follow us on one of our many social channels!

The magazine was founded in 2013. Back then we were still affiliated with another online community. After the break in 2015, we spread our wings and established our own online social presence. Today we’re spread over several social networks, with thousands of members and followers from all over the globe. We even have our own anthem, created by Dissector!

Metal On Loud by Dissector, lyrics by Randy Gerritse

On metalonloud.com you can find interviews, video interviews, album reviews, show reviews, festival reviews and Metal news, as well as the occasional column about the Metal scene.

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Are you an artist looking for exposure? Or a label / promotor / event organizer / venue owner? You can contact us by email via press <at> metalonloud <dot> com. For all other inquiries, please contact us via our Facebook messenger!

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