A Metal Minute – Welcome to 2017

Hello music lovers and welcome to 2017! Can you believe what this year is already bringing to us? WOW. Metal On Loud is really excited to share with you that the Magazine will be publishing some new features, including mini-releases just like this month, that is dedicated to getting you the most recent happenings in the music world. This junior editor is absolutely psyched about this new feature as well as some others that will be shared with our readers as they come to fruition.

Metal Minute would like to take the time to both recognize and apologize to several incredible artists that we spoke to toward the end of 2016 whose interviews never made it to publishing due to a major software failure and loss of all audio captured during those conversations. We regrettably were unable to retrieve or restore the conversations that our writer had with them but feel it is very important that we thank them for all the time that they took to speak with us. A huge thank you to Psykadeli, Black Yet Full of Stars, Catastrophe, and Nailed to Obscurity. We truly appreciate the time that you gave to our writer and hope to possibly speak with you again in the future.

In Memorium 2016

Please take a moment to remember the rock and metal musicians from around the world we lost in 2016. Thank you to Encyclopedia Metallum for compiling this list. (http://www.metal-archives.com/artist/rip)

Andrey Circle


The Lust, Dissector

Dec 30th

Alex Altus



Dec 29th,

Horacio “Cacho” Darías



Dec 28th

Wizz Wizzard


Wizz Wizzard, Chris Appleton

Dec 28th

Mick Zane

United States

Monster, Malice

Dec 23rd

John Saltz

United States

Lethal Aggression

Dec 23rd

Leif Gregory


Destrier, Total Abuse, Dark Order, etc.

Dec 21st

Dave Wix

United States


Dec 21st

Ralph Lund

United States


Dec 19th

Michael ”Cat” Landris

United States


Dec 11th

Cor Jolie


Solemnus, Erazer

Dec 8th

Jacques van Oevelen


Xhausted, Picture, Entropy, etc.

Dec 7th

Greg Lake

United Kingdom

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Dec 6th

Adam Sagan

United States

Skindustry, Jake Dreyer, Final Darkness, etc.

Dec 5th

Maxim “Bulochnik” Frolov



Dec 4th

Mickey Fitz

United Kingdom

Harley’s War

Dec 1st

Sir Butcher Blood


Lord Offel, Darksoul, Golgolot

Dec 2016

Erik Herzog

United States


Nov 30th

Tabatha Spears

Tabatha is a Metal On Loud author who writes the 'Metal Minute' columns and takes the occasional band interview.

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