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It’s officially the end of summer, music lovers; and what a summer is has been! I know that you are all on the edge of your seats wondering what else 2016 has in store, I certainly am. With the most recent releases that have been announced, including new titles from powerhouse metal bands like In Flames and Metallica, this upcoming season has big shoes to fill. Bands such as the Misfits and Guns N’ Roses back on tour, Korn back in action, and Black Sabbath ending their final tour has had our heads spinning. How about that big surprise from James Hetfeild and the rest of Metallica? Did you see that new single coming? I didn’t, but I am one happy music lover because of things like that! Let’s not forget others like Angels on the Battlefield, Delain, and Opeth who have new music out to us as well.

I am going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction, obviously simply for fun. I predict that another big name band will surprise us with their return this fall; who else agrees? After the incredible year of music we have had so far, you can’t blame a girl for crossing her fingers that a certain band many of us know and love will perhaps drop a new single and quelch the cravings that we have…you know who I am talking about 😉

I hope you all had an amazing summer, and I invite you to share your experiences with us here in the comment section of the magazine. It is yours as well. We would LOVE to know what kind of experiences you have had this year at concerts and festivals, or even just enjoying some music and hanging out with friends and family. After all, that is what the music-lover community is, one big, loud, head-banging family. Have fun out there, stay safe, and Metal On Loud!

Tabatha Spears

Tabatha is a Metal On Loud author who writes the 'Metal Minute' columns and takes the occasional band interview.
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