3 great bands with new albums

Eluveitie + Lacuna Coil + Infected Rain

What is better than your favorite band going on tour? Definitely when they will co-headline with another amazing band. And a great opener is joining on top!. This in itself is already more than sufficient to go on a Sunday night to TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht, the Netherlands). That all three bands also present their new album is the cherish on top.

Infected Rain

Moldavian Infect Rain was the opening. On a previous encounter at FemME they impressed with an amazing dynamic show. And they didn’t disappoint. Again a dynamic and entertaining show. A lot of movement and jumping of the band within the limited space they got due to the setup of the headliners. The colored dreadlocks of Lena (Scissorhands) moved around playing their own game. At the end of the set Lena decided she needed a larger stage and moved into the crowd.
Although limited in time, the new album “Endorphin” was the main of the set.

Lacuna Coil

Unfortunately my favorite was second. Italian Lacuna Coil was presenting their new release “Black Anima” with the songs; ‘Layers of Time ‘, ‘Reckless’, ‘Sword of Anger’ and ‘Veneficium’. Of course there was time for some classics songs. I’m always happy with the ones from the early days. This time they added to the setlist;: ‘Our Truth’ – “Karmacode”) and ‘Heaven’s a Lie’ – “Comalies”. Except for the painted faces and stage outfit, the show is focusing on the music. Let the songs do the work and the interaction between Andrea Ferro and Christina Scabbia was supporting that. The set closed with ‘Nothing Stands in Our Way’ – “Broken Crown Halo”.


The last new album presented was “Ategnatos”. This is the latest release of Swiss Eluveitie. The album is a little heavier than the release folk oriented “Evocation II: Pantheon (2017)”. With Eleveitie the number of people on stage and the variety of instruments is a bit larger than usual. It allows also to move around in various ‘settings depending on the instruments used in the songs. Adding Fabienne Erni to the current line-up was a good choice. She’s getting more in the vocal lead, which can handle very well looking at how she performed ‘Artio’. Chrigel Glanzmann still takes his part in the vocals what give a nice mix of harsh and clean vocals. A large set with quite some new and a varied set of old songs provided a well-balanced show.

TivoliVredenburg was well filled but not sold out what you might expect with such a line-up. Maybe the rainy weather and a Sunday night were to blame. Anyway, the ones that were not there did miss a very nice music event.

Full sets: Infected Rain, Lacuna Coil and Eluveitie

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