There are albums which are excellent and there are albums that are outstanding. The latter applies to the third album of Canadians Merkabah. For me,  UBIQUITY is one of the 10 best albums I’ve ever heard.

The opener “Mythomania,” introduced by piano and strings, has everything an excellent song needs: slower stress buildup, groovy bass and drums performance, superb riffs and Jacinthe Poulin, a singer who has enormous potential and an expressive voice. The song is accompanied with classical arrangements, whereby it gains depth.

With “Divine Sparks” the bombast is placed slightly aside and instead the songs rocks straight on. Especially the impressive play of drummer Nicolas Bilodeau drives the song forward and the guitarists Raynald Brochu and Francoise Vacon row one killer riff at the next.

More temperate it goes on with the half-ballad “Red letter Days.” Irresistible melodies and the grandiose voice of Jacinthe carry the song, which significantly increases its hardness in the second half.

A catchy guitar riff excellently preludes “Circles of Despair” and lets even dance muffles (like me) think about shaking a leg. But in the end only the air guitar is taken out to play along.

To the accompaniment of flute sounds and a balladic first stanza waits “Brothers from the seed of Cain” on, before they get going again, turning the song into a real rock anthem.

“Deadly Prophets of the Printed Page,” however, gives full throttle from the first second on and the musicians push each other to top performances. Such a hit frequency is found only very rarely nowadays.

Before it gets really epic with the title song, Merkabah first chime gentler tones with “Agartha.” Melancholy, soulful guitar playing coupled with expressive vocals until halfway through the song will be tightened again.

A twelve minute instrumental as a bouncer you do not hear all day, but that’s what makes this album so unique. Thanks to several changes of rhythm remains “Ubiquity” interesting despite the length.

Overall Merkabah have published a magnificent third album that leaves you wanting more the band’s albums.

Video of “Mythomania”: https://youtu.be/s56efLNjegw


Louis Doyon – Bass
Raynald Brochu – Guitars 
François Vachon – Guitars 
Jacinthe Poulin – Vocals 
Nicolas Bilodeau – Drums 

Label:  Maple Metal Records

Out: 17.03.2014

Duration: 53:50


·         Mythomania

·         Divine Sparks

·         Red Letter Days

·         Circles of Despair

·         Brothers from the Seed of Cain

·         Deadly Prophets of the Printed Page

·         Agartha

·         Ubiquity

Release date: 17-03-2016
Reviewer: David Kerber
Score: 10

David Kerber

This author is no longer associated with Metal On Loud Magazine.

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