The Veil

The Five Hundred

Melodic tech metallers The Five Hundred are back with new EP ‘The Veil’, the follow up to their successful ‘Winters’ release. This new offering was produced by Justin Hill formerly of SikTh, who has worked with the likes of Heart Of A Coward, Bury Tomorrow and Young Guns to name a few. Following their positive reception for the last EP, let’s hope ‘The Veil’ lives up to their standards and hype…

Intro ‘Aftermath’ builds suspense and lures you in with rather beautiful sorrowful tones that progress before the ferocious ‘Ghost In The Flames’ engulfs your senses with strong gut wrenching vocals from frontman John Eley, and extremely groove ridden heavy guitars and instrumentation, which strike the perfect balance of melody and no-nonsense metal.

Single ‘The Rush’ features savage vocals for the most part, but towards the end impressive and powerful clean vocals come in, giving it that extra depth and edge. The crushing masterful riffs and lead guitars throughout drive it, along with the well-placed breakdowns. The production is flawless and this soaring offering will leave you hungry for more.

Title track ‘The Veil’ has an exotic creepy atmospheric opening which is intriguing and offers more diversity, before stomping riffs and demonic vocals take charge. This is very consuming through its effective tones and sounds, not to mention remarkable craftsmanship and delivery from the band collectively, who prove to be a devastating force.

‘To close this striking, menacing and haunting EP is the continuation of the previous track ‘The Veil, Pt. II’ which is highly resonant and ambient, with a dark brooding vibe and clean far-reaching vocals, which may be some of the best yet and ends the release on an anguished and memorable note.

‘The Veil’ is stunningly constructed and brimming with talent and intelligible songs. The songs are largely belligerent and manic, but they also possess stand out melodic and atmospheric sections that give it, even more, intensity and distinctive sounds. This will blow you away through its sheer power and ruthless delivery. The only issue with it is how short it is. Let’s hope a full-length is on the way soon.

Release date: 21-04-2017
Reviewer: Carina Lawrence
Score: 9

Carina Lawrence

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