Stampe’s Top 50 of 2015

In our last issue, we published a compiled list of the favorite releases of 2015, as detetrmined by our community administrators and magazine writers. At that point in time, our friend Stampe from Metalized Magazine Denmark could not yet participate, for he was still doing his yearly Christmas countdown and did not want to spoil anything. With the holidays now behiind us, we got exclusive access to his countdown list. It’s been a great year for Metal! Enjoy!

1. Marduk – Frontschwein

Track: ”Wartheland”
Marduk sends mighty Slayer to the number two position with this, the best album of 2015


2. Slayer – Repentless

Track: “Repentless”
Slayer are back, baby. Repentless is the best album they have made in 25 years.


3. Khors – Night Falls Onto The Fronts Of Ours

Track: “For The Last Time”
Holy shit man. I knew that the Ukrainians were good, but THIS good? I had no idea.


4. Lamb Of God – VII: Sturm Und Drang

Track: “512”
The boys from Richmond motherfucking Virginia delivers another masterpiece.


5. Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

Track: “No Hope In Sight”
Nick Holms and company completes the comeback with this amazing album


6. Myrkur – M

Track: “Hævnen”
I had high hopes for Myrkur’s debutalbum and was in no way disappointed. Best Danish album of 2015.


7. Negura Bunget – Tao

Track: “Curgerea Muntelui”
I had the pleasure of watching this wonderful band live twice this year. In Denmark and on their home turf in Romania. Tao is their best album in a long time.


8. So Hideous – Laurestine

Track: “Relinquish”
I was completely blindsided by this band. And never has a moniker been more misleading. So Hideous is So Beautiful.


9. Gorgoroth – Instinctus Bestialis

Track: “Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus”
Gorgoroth proves that they can make great music without Gaal and King Ov Hell


10. Massenhnrichtung – Zakon Zbroi

Track: “The Order Of The Force”
This Belarussian band has 140 likes on Facebook. Their fabulous black metal deserves to be known by the whole world.


11. Arcturus – Arcturian

Track: “Crashland”
I didn’t know that I liked Arcturus, but the voice of ICS Vortex convinces me.

12. Mgla – Exercise In Futility

Track: “Exercise In Futility V”
Black metal and Eastern Europe go hand in hand, but I had never heard of these polish guys before. I certainly have now.

13. Deafheaven – New Bermuda

Track: “Brought To The Water”
The Hipsters from Deafheaven was set to fail, following their magnificent Sunbather, but magically manages not to disappoint.

14. Melechesh – Enki

Track: “Multiple Truths”
The band from the holy land delivers a great album, once again

15. Ghost Bath – Moonlover

Track: “Happy House”
The band is from USA but pretends to be from China and has a pretentious artsy cover. I should hate it, but can’t stop loving the music.

16. Drudkh – A Furrow Cut Short

Track: “Embers”
The second best Ukrainian release this year. I  have been following the band for a long time, and they certainly deserve their spot on my list.

17. Psychonaut 4 – Dipsomania

Track: “Pain Dealer”
Depressive black metal from Georgia. That is a sentence you don’t hear every day. Maybe Psychonaut 4 can change that.

18. Moonspell – Extinct

Track: “Extinct”
This lot from Portugal delivered a fantastic concert in Denmark in November, with at setlist where Extinct dominated. Well deserved spot on the list.

19. Nile – What Should Not Be Unearthed

Track: “Evil To Cast Out Evil”
Technical Death Metal is usually not my preferred genre, but I have a soft spot for these American Egyptologists.

20. Spitanger – Spitanger

Track: “Welcome To The Real World”
A new Danish band that kicks your ass from the get go. Awesome groove.

21. Wiegedood – De Doden Hebben Het Goed

Track: ”De Doden Hebben Het Goed”
Dutch Black Metal? Well, what do you know. Not a genre that the Dutch are famous for, but Wiegedood convinces.

22. Ages – The Malefic Miasma

Track: “The Malefic Miasma”
Brand new, beautiful and Swedish Black Metal. The Malefic Miasma is the first album from Ages.

23. Silence Lies Fear – Future: the Return

Track: “Facing The Creator”
Dark Tranquillity has gotten a younger Azerbaijani brother, whos sings with a charming Slavic accent.

24. Vattnet Viskar – Settler

Track: “Impact”
In spite of the name, Vattnet Viskar is from the United States, and their Atmospheric Post-Black Metal is wonderful.

25. Amorphis – Under The red Cloud

Track: ”Sacrifice”
The Finns keep delivering quality music.

26. Kampfar – Profan

Track: ”Daimon”
The hard working Norwegians made my list last year, and makes is again this year with Profan.

27. By The Patient – Gehennah

Track: ”Ruled By The Dead”
This Danish group has just split up, after releasing their best album to date. A shame.

28. Iron Maiden – The Books Of Souls

Track: ”Speed Of Light”
The Best Maiden album in many years. Nicy to hear that the oldtimers still got it.

29. Hate – Crusade Zero

Track: ”Leviathan”
They started higher up on my list, but has been passed by better acts, but they are still really good

30. Kataklysm – Of Ghosts And Gods

Track: ”Breaching The Asylum”
One of the better albums by this Canadian band.

31. Enslaved – In Times

Track: ”Building With Fire”
Didn’t quite catch me when it came out, but is winning on me.

32. Dark Funeral – Nail Them To The Cross EP

Track: ”Nail Them To The Cross”
Had this been a full album, it would have been in a top position on my list

33. Scarab – Serpents Of The Nile

Track: ”Serpents Of The Nile”
Egyptian Death Metal that make your head bang.

34. Echoes Of The Moon – Entropy

Track: ”The Tower Of Babel”
Came out of nowhere and made my list

35. Fear Factory – Genexus

Track: ”Soul Hacker”
The Factory will probaply never reach it’s former glory, but still delivers good music.

36. Dynfari – Vegferd Timans

Track: ”Hafsjor”
Beautiful and catchy Islandic Black Metal

37. The Vision Ablaze – Youtopia

Track: ”Under The Killing Moon”
Very beautiful track. Had the rest of the album been as good, they would have reached a higher position

38. Cattle Decapitation – The Antrhopocene Extinction

Track: ”Manufactured Extinct”
This is the best album from the vegans to date.

39. Devil You Know – They Bleed Red

Track” The Way We Die”
Not up to par with their first album, but still worthy of a spot on the list

40. Killing Gandhi – Cinematic Parallels

Track: ” 0100101101000111”
Great debut from this Melodic Death Metal ensemble from Denmark.

41. Satyricon – Live At The Opera

Track: “Phoenix”
Nothing really new here, but it’s well done.

42. Der Weg Einer Freiheit – Stellar

Track: “Eiswanderer”
This German lot has their moments. I’m not always in the mood for them, but when I am, it is very good music.

43. Trna – Pattern Of Infinity

Track: “Morning Trip”
Post Black Metal from St. Petersburg, Russia, that have some very catchy moments

44. Thurisaz – The Pulse Of Mourning

Track: “Patterns Of Life”
Not to be confused with the Finnish Folk Metal band.

45. Ninkharsag – The Blood Of Celestial Kings

Track: “The Essential Salts Of Human Dust”
UK has long lagged behind when it comes to Black Metal. Not anymore.

46. Dødsfall – Kaosmakt

Track: “Forakt For Livet”
Never heard of them before. Gonna check them out now.

47. Tsjuder – Antiliv

Track: “Krater”
Straight up Norwegian Black Metal.

48. Soilwork – The Ride Majestic

Track: “Whirl Of Pain”
Not reaching their glorious past, but the Swedes can still produce memorable melodies.

49. Kain – Seele

Track: “Seele Stirbt”
Melodic Black/Death from Bavaria

50. Akhlys – The Dreaming I

Track: “Breath And Levitation”
The Americans manage to squeeze in on my list with their dark ambient black metal

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