Punk is Dead…Not!

For many years people have been saying punk is dead.I believe this idea came about because of the commercial success of bands such as Green Day and Blink 182.The advent of punk in the 1970s was basically a middle finger to the government establishment and mainstream music.The music is very unpolished.Lyrics were about anarchy and expressing personal freedoms.

Started as an underground movement in the U.K.and America, the genre attracted youth who felt out of place in society.Although the basic tenets of punk seem dead now in America and the U.K.it is being kept alive elsewhere in the world.Countries with oppressive governments such as Cuba, China, Iran and Russia are breeding grounds for true classic punk.In these countries criticizing the government gets you tossed in jail.

Cuba’s Porno part Ricardo is one such band.Its lead singer was imprisoned for the song El Comandante that criticized and poked fun at Fidel Castro.Iranian punk is growing fast due to the tyranny of Islam is Fundamentalism punishing citizens for trivial offenses.China not only imprisons punk musicians but denies visas to most punk bands, deeming the music inflammatory.Russia jailed the controversial band Pusey Riot for their anti government songs.

Although punk may seem dead in true Democratic countries, I believe it’s just asleep.The true spirit of punk will never die,as evidenced in other countries where it’s popularity soars.As far as America and the U.K. are concerned, I think in a few years we will see a new resurgence of punk bands ready to criticism and defy the establishment.

Carole Bonner

This author is no longer associated with Metal On Loud Magazine.
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