New Stuff and Classics at Dynamo


In September MaYaN had three shows ‘nearby’ to promote their just released album “Dhyna”. A try-out, the Dutch release in Utrecht and the Belgium release in Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont. I visited the Belgium release (photo link at Metal on Loud Magazine FB). This time, 9 February, they played close; in my hometown at Dynamo. And with a special show.

My Propane that already shared before the stage with MaYaN opened the evening, Valerio Recenti (v) and the gang could present their new album “Antidote”. Surprise was the presence of former guitarist Anand Mahangoe on stage. He ‘replaced’ Frank Schiphorst who’s also playing in MaYaN. Mostly new songs were played and with the last song of the album ‘The End’ the nice warm-up set was closed.

My Propane

Maybe you can call MaYaN a kind of ‘Super Band’. It’s a large group of musicians that play in some well-known and less known bands. When the ‘full’ band is on the stage 10 people (including 5 vocalists) are trying to find a space. This brings a lot of dynamics in the show and maybe because it’s an out of scope thing, the fun on stage is amazing, The set was split into two sections. A regular set with mostly songs from “Dhyna”, mixed with songs from the two earlier albums.

After a short break the second part was on to make it special. A set filled with ‘covers’ of bands in which the members of  MaYaN play or played; songs of After Forever (Mark Jansen, Jack Driessen), Orphanage (George Oosthoek), God Dethroned (Ariën van Weesenbeek), Stream of Passion (Marcela Bovio) and … Epica (Mark Jansen, Ariën van Weesenbeek). What a nice bunch of classics!


Full set different photos: My Propane + MaYaN

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