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Beast in Black + Myrath

A sold out show is always nice to be part off. Although Beast in Black was the main course, the appetizer  Myrath was another reason to travel to 013 in Tilburg. It was quite crowded already at the start, but I managed to find a decent spot to see and capture the bands.


As said, opener was Tunisian Myrath. I’ve seen/met them before, so what to expect was no surprise. And yes, they incorporate Eastern / Arabic or maybe better local influences into their music. Which they define as Desert Metal. Great musicians and a great singer (Zaher Zorgati) are the basis for a good show.  Add fun on stage and good interaction with the audience and you get a great show. Of course most attention got their latest release “Shehili” (2019). They didn’t forget some ‘old(er) songs’ and with that a nice balanced set. As they delivered above expectations, clearly the show ended too soon.

Beast in Black

Headliner Beast in Black was the first encounter live. The stage that was already party visible with Myrath, was decorated with glowing skills. With dimmed light a cool view. But it should be about the music. The opener ‘Cry Out for a Hero’ was a good start and the vibe was there almost immediately. Although quite decent, no circle pits, the atmosphere was more than OK. Enthusiastic reactions and a lot of jumping. Highlights were ‘Die by the Blade’, ‘Crazy, Mad, Insane’ and ‘Sweet True Lies’.

With ‘From Hell with Love’ the band closed the official set. To be fair, for me the moment to get to see Myrath in the foyer before it would be too crowded. I missed the encore with ‘Blind and Frozen’ and ‘End of the World’. Music is a matter of taste, there was nothing wrong with the  good show of Beast in Black. For me,  Myrath has some more appealing variation in the songs. And yes, I managed to score “Shehili” and get is signed.

Full photo set: Beast in Black, Myrath

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