Excellent on a “Bloody Monday”

Amaranthe + Blind Channel

No break needed. Usually the Monday is a day-off. Not for Amaranthe. The day after their support show at the Sabaton Tour, they are present as headliner in the main hall of de Effenaar in Eindhoven.

Blind Channel

Support was Finnish Blind Channel. The show is to present the upcoming album “Violent Pop” (Out March 6). The ‘Rock stars’ mixed by some Glam Rock  features from the past with more recent hip hop outfits. Anyway, a flashing presence.  Also the music was a blend:  pop, (nu-)metal, raps and duo vocal lines. Unfortunately, Henrik of Amaranthe didn’t join the stage for guest vocals as he did on their album. A nice energetic set to start the evening.

The curtains in the back closed to create a more intimate atmosphere. Of course, “On a bloody Monday” it’s harder to get the hall sold-out, but it was filled quite well. The good thing is that were mostly real fans. And with that, the crowd was reacting very enthusiastic on everything Amaranthe was asking.


Of course, the face of Amaranthe is Elize Ryd. After the opener was the ‘Helix’ intro. Directly followed by hits like ‘Maximize’, ‘Digital World’, ‘Hunger’ and ‘Invincible’. The songs require male vocal support and  Henrik Englund and Nils Molin did this very well. The last time in Eindhoven the sound in Eindhoven was a bit disappointing, now it was very good. And Johan Andreassen (bass) didn’t need to sit on a chair. All could participate in the party. At “lounge time” we got a special edition of ‘Amaranthine’, with Olof Mörck (guitar) on keys. To get on track with ‘Afterlife’ and ‘Helix’.

The encore was started with some fun. Nicest was after Elize was introduced, quite some fans were invited to introduce themselves by shouting their name. The set was closed with ‘Call Out My Name’, ‘The Nexus’ and of course ‘Drop Dead Cynical’.


Although on a “bloody Monday”, the show at de Effenaar was one of the best shows of Amaranthe I’ve seen. So, very happy to have been there.

More photos: Amaranthe, Blind Channel

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