Heavy Dirty Rock

Nashville Pussy + White Boy Wasted

In-between Festivals some bands do a club show to fill some gaps in their schedule. This time some old Rockers from the US visited, the day before their show at Wacken Open Air, a small venue in Eindhoven. Time for an intimate show with Nashville Pussy. I’ve seen them before at Helldorado (Festival) but now they were headlining in the same building at a different stage (Blue Collar Hotel/Theater). And that did make a difference.

White Boy Wasted

Local Speedrock band White Boy Wasted opened the party. This band founded at the Metal Factory fitted very well in the line-up. White Boy Wasted proved again to be one of Eindhoven’s most promising young rock artists of this time by their incredible live performances characterized as an aggressive high-on-speed tornado. Dirty, mean, fast, loud, heavy, ugly, energetic can be associated to the band. The debut album “The Dirty South Special” was the basis for the set. Knowing that the album is produced by Peter van Elderen from Peter Pan Speedrock, quality speedrock is ensured.

Nashville Pussy

Headliner was Nashville Pussy, the dirty Rock ‘n Roll machine from of course Nashville. The travel the world with vile Southern R&R. ‘Sex, Rock ‘Roll’ is almost their motto. The band based around Blaine Cartwright and his wife Ruyter Suys go for it and deliver more than 100 percent. The tittles of most song fit to their image. Of course ‘Pussy Time’, ‘Piece of Ass’, ‘Go to Hell’, ‘Struttin’ Cock’ and ‘Go Motherfucker Go’ are on the set list. At the end of the set, Ruyter’s strings were broken and she needed to be revived with some Jack D. provided by Blaine.

It was a hell of a party in warm and crowded Blue Collar. Despite all they gave on stage, all were shortly after the gig present to meet the fans. A great closure of an evening of heavy dirty rock.

More photos: Nashville Pussy and White Boy Wasted.

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