Serious Black


The band came together in 2015; band members play or  have played in various well-known bands such as Firewind, Edenbridge, Rhapsody of Fire, and Visions of Atlantis. The musicians feel very drawn to the genre of Melodic Power Metal. In its founding year, the album debut, “As Daylight Breaks” was published. To show that Serious Black is more than just a studio project they toured among others with Hammerfall and Kamelot. At their stops in Hamburg I could also convince myself of their live qualities. Now the second album MIRRORWORLD stands in the wings. In September the band heads on a multi-week headlining tour, which will also head to Hamburg.


After the nearly two minutes long but quite expendable intro “Breaking The Surface,” “As Long As I’m Alive“ goes right down to business. Initially backed by orchestra, the guitars bang from the headphones. Singer Urban Breed puts his skills to the test. The mandatory and excellent guitar solo may not be missing. In “Castor Skies” the massive double bass provides heaviness and speed. Also impressive are the double-barrelled guitar parts. “Heartbroken Soul” is then a little quieter and also rhythmic. A song with hit qualities.


“Dying Hearts” is a rock song with catchy guitar melodies, very nice clean vocals and the slightly pop flip side is animated for headbanging and also Airplay compatible. But then “You’re Not Alone” is rocking on again. The catchy chorus encourages to sing along. The guitarists drive each other to top performances. In the title song “Mirror World” are a catchy chorus and great guitar melodies to hear, and towards the end a filigree played guitar solo. “State Of My Despair” starts with keyboard and synth sounds, before the band really starts rocking again, fast almost frantically sounding guitars, which are later detached by quieter, from drums and riffs underlying vocals. Although the forcing drumming extremely melodic. Even the final song “The Unborn Never Die” is very melodic. Gorgeous guitar hooks and fast riffing alternate.


With MIRRORWORLD, Serious Black certainly have not reinvented melodic Power Metal; however, the result is an album that somewhat spreads fun and good atmosphere over half an hour. Six outstanding musicians show off their skills, but without falling into sensationalism or rampant self-expression. The album acts as a unified whole and is produced powerful. Only criticism is probably the brevity of “only” 36 minutes in the standard version, in which only the intro already takes two minutes. If you want more, picks up the Digipak with seven bonus tracks.


Video clip for “Castor Skies”: https://youtu.be/Q_TiBaQRA0g




Urban Breed – Vocals
Bob Katsionis – Guitars
Dominik Sebastian – Guitars
Mario Lochert – Bass
Jan Vacik – Keyboards
Alex Holzwarth – Drums


Label: AFM Records


Out: 09.09.2016


Duration: 36:06


Track list:


  • Breaking The Surface

  • As Long As I’m Alive

  • Castor Skies

  • Heartbroken Soul

  • Dying Hearts

  • You’re Not Alone

  • Mirrorworld

  • State Of My Despair

  • The Unborn Never Die


Release date: 09-09-2016
Reviewer: Rainer Kerber
Score: 8

Rainer Kerber

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