Memory Of A Lifetime Journey

Eleventh Hour

Italy is a stronghold of symphonic metal. A large number top-class bands have their homeland in the southern European country. And most of the bands also shine with outstanding singers. And Eleventh Hour are no exception. The band was founded in 2014 by guitarist Aldo Turini and published their debut album “Memory Of A Lifetime Journey” in January this year.

After a short intro starts “Sunshine’s Not Too Far” powerful with d riving drums and, typical of many Italian bands, keyboard sounds, but these are not quite as dominant. And Allessandro Del Vecchio, who among others plays keyboards for Voodoo Circle and takes care for singing together with David Readman, can show what a great singer he is. The songs are partly created quite progressive, we can find, for example, in “All I Left Behind” diverse melodic and rhythmic changes. However, the song remains melodic and is complemented by a brilliant guitar part.

 Very soundtrack like acts “Back to You”. Great melodies, a power ballad par excellence. Close your eyes and dream! In the piano ballad “Sleeping in My Dreams” Alessandro Del Vecchio gets support at the microphone. Susanna Carboni, the wife of guitarist Aldo Turini, grafted the song with her as clear as a bell soprano voice! In “Requiem from a Prison” Eleventh Hour blast your ears again, driving double bass and banging guitars are backed by keyboards. With “Here Alone” the album fades out rather quiet. On this with great strings characterized ballad you can hear the beautiful soprano voice of Susanna Carboni a gain.

With “Memory Of A Lifetime Journey” the Italians have made an impressive debut album. The songs partly reminiscent of great movie soundtracks and are enriched with various prog elements. Despite the extensive use of keyboards and strings the arrangements are not being kitschy. Five outstanding musicians have come together and easily produced a nice melodic / symphonic metal album.


Alessandro Del Vecchio – Vocals
Aldo Turini – Guitars
Alberto Sonzogni – Keyboards
Black Jin – Bass
Luca Mazzucconi – Drums

Guest: Susanna Carboni – Sopran-Vocals

Label: Bakerteam Records

Out: 20.01.2016

Duration: 55:22

Track list:

  • Sunshine’s Not Too Far (Intro)
  • All I Left Behind
  • Jerusalem
  • Back to You
  • Sleeping in My Dreams
  • Long Road Home
  • Requiem from a Prison
  • Island in the Sun
  • After All We’ve Been Missing
  • Here Alone

Release date: 20-01-2016
Reviewer: Rainer Kerber
Score: 8

Rainer Kerber

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