Mass Confusion

Dust Bolt

      Another hot bolt, that the Landsbergers Dust Bolt shoot with their new, already third album. With their two former albums “Violent Demolition” and “Awake the Riot” the band has already duly stir up dust, for that they earned tours with Obituary, Sepultura, Hypocrisy, Napalm Death and Dr. Living Dead. These tours also coloured on the new album “Mass Confusion”  because some punk and modern elements have multiplied found their way into the sound of Dust Bolt.

      This is high-speed thrash-shooting from Bavaria but quite good and so after the short, punky “Six X Brain” follows the first blast in the form of the title track. High Speed Thrash, wher the inevitable Slayer, but also the Bay Area comes to mind. And such stories are plentiful on “Mass Confusion”. But the guys built also groovy volleys so that the sound pops really nice.

Dust Bolt are also going to input funny elements as the prelude to “Mind the Gap” shows and if ballad sounds come up like the beginning of “Exit”, you know that the band stay serious in the songwriting. Just “Exit” has a really thrash-epic flair, what favorably contrasts with the speed rush. “Allergy” grooves like hell and reminds me in the bridge to the chorus somehow to Sodom’s “Incest”. By the way… German cult thrashers as just Sodom, Kreator and Destruction Dust Bolt really know and the odd bow can be found from time to time in the overall high-explosive 11 songs.

Singer Lenny is screaming and yelling often until hysteria and gives the songs in addition to the typical fast thrash vocal tirades a’la Tom Araya a healthy dose of “kiss-my-ass”- attitude and thereby brings many numbers into the wild, frantic. A circumstance that produces freshness and leaves Dust Bolt still in the ranks of the rebellious.

The cartoon-like artwork this time not as well done as the two predecessors and acts a bit too … yes … thrashy. But that doesn’t matter for the quality of “Mass Confusion” , and with this album Dust Bolt should finally get established in the ranks of those who could endanger the leading group of German thrash.






Release date: 07-08-2016
Reviewer: Erich Robbers
Score: 7

Erich Robbers

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