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The news made an impact. The Symphonic metallers Leaves’ Eyes have announced their split from Liv Kristine in April this year, who after all was thirteen years the face of the band. The Finn Elina Siirala (EnkElination / Angel Nation), who lives in England, was presented as new singer. While Elina had her baptism of fire at Hammer Sonic Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the internet a Shitstorm beyond compare broke loose. But the band was not deterred and publishes with FIRES IN THE NORTH an EP with the new singer now.


The EP starts with the title song “Fires In The North”. A powerful Leaves Eyes’s typical epic Metal anthem, without overdoing the bombast. And the clear soprano voice of Elina fits perfectly. What excellent vocal performances she is capable to do, can be heard in the subsequent acoustic version of the song. Just listen and enjoy!


The EP ends with three songs from last year’s album “King Of Kings”, but this time sung by Elina Siirala. On this album, Liv Kristine probably did her best vocal performance. Thus, the expectation is of course very high. I compare the EP version with the original repeatedly in heavy rotation. Both singers have unique voices. I find both versions each great. Elina does not even try to mimic her predecessor but with her voice puts her mark on the songs.


Leaves’ Eyes show up confidently on their latest EP. “Fires In The North” seamlessly affiliate from the previous songs. And with the newly sung titles no loss of quality is observed. Now, I’m looking forward to the show at the Metal Female Voices Fest in October. And of course, the next album.


LEAVES’ EYES – Edge of Steel (2016):




Elina Siirala– Vocals
Alexander Krull – Vocals
Thorsten Bauer – Guitars, Bass
Pete Streit – Guitars
Joris Nijenhuis – Drums


Label: AFM Records


Out: Europa / ROW: 07.10.2016, USA / Kanada: 04.11.2016


Duration: 20:40


Track list:


  • Fires In The North

  • Fires In The North (Acoustic)

  • Edge Of Steel (2016 Version)

  • Sacred Vow (2016 Version)

  • Swords In Rock (2016 Version)


Release date: 01-10-2016
Reviewer: Rainer Kerber

Rainer Kerber

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