Stormy Atmosphere

The unlikely use of folk instruments, the progressive music, the female and male vocals, and the melodic feel gave us a Progressive Melodic Metal release to listen to. Those are Stormy Atmosphere, hailing from Israel!

The first song, “Awaken”, have breakdowns between aggressive, harsh Progressive Metal lines, and simplified, soft lines. The brilliant female vocals on this album bring alive the songs themselves, and give a whole life to the songs.  However, the biggest thing that added to all the mix was the extensive use of Synthesizers and folk instruments. It gave the songs space and a pulse, and brought us into the story behind the release.

“The Earth Worker” is a short melodic instrumental song, holding a medley that can relate to Celtic music easily. The following song, “Circle”, however, brings back the harsh Progressive Metal life into the songs. 


Overally, This is a masterpiece. One of the best albums I’ve ever heard. As not a big fan of Melodic Metal myself, this is a brand new discovery to me, and everyone should listen to it.

Release date: 01-01-1970
Reviewer: Zohar Belkin
Score: 10

Zohar Belkin

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