Codex Atlanticus


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Founded in 2001 in Tyrol, Austria, the Symphonic Power Metal band Serenity is now positioned internationally with musicians from Austria, Germany and Italy. The first stable line-up was only established in 2004, when the extraordinary vocalist Georg Neuhauser joined (among others). Now, 15 years since their debut, we find ourselves with “Codex Atlanticus“, their fifth album to date and a concept album about the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci.

The title song and bombastic introduction, “Codex Atlanticus”, starts with cello sounds before the orchestra starts in earnest. The piano introduction in the track that follows, “Follow Me” (which was released as a video, along with “Iniquity”), continues this trend before the rhythm section powerfully strikes. “Sprouts of Terror” is a straight rocker with an epic tone resulting from the orchestration and a thunderstorm of double bass. “Iniquity” opens with chimes before a powerful mid-tempo song begins; the bass is pumping, drums feel driven and the orchestra once again provides the epic frame. When the singing starts, the instrumentation draws out into a great Power Metal anthem.

After a short piano introduction, “Reason” takes off, with punchy riffing and epic orchestral work dominating the song. Towards the end quiet vocals are accompanied by the cello. “My Final Chapter” sounds like a Celtic Folk song; a tin whistle providing accompaniment to the strings which gives you goosebumps as you are taken across the vast expanses of Ireland or the Scottish Highlands. “Caught In A Myth” starts very mystical with it’s use of synths before the bombastic chorus line kick in.

Double bass attacks, choruses, impressive orchestration and stellar riffs continue to define this album, and with “Codex Atlanticus“, Serenity has once again released a masterpiece, churning out punchy Power Metal anthems without slipping into cheesy terrain capable of remaining enthralling even with repeated listening.


Georg Neuhauser – Vocals
Fabio D’Amore – Bass, Vocals
Andreas Schipflinger – Drums, Vocals
Christian Hermsdörfer – Guitar, Vocals
Guest Amanda Somerville – Vocals

Label: Napalm Records
Duration: 52:14

Track list:

* Codex Atlanticus
* Follow Me
* Sprouts Of Terror
* Iniquity
* Reason
* My Final Chapter
* Caught In A Myth
* Fate Of Light
* The Perfect Woman
* Spirit In The Flesh
* The Order

Release date: 29-01-2016
Reviewer: Rainer Kerber
Score: 9

Rainer Kerber

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