Break Out Of Eden

Velvet Insane

1. Break Out Of Eden
2. Do You Want Blood?
3. Frame

Jonas Eriksson – Vocals
Jesper Lindgren – Guitar
Tobias Reimbertsson – Drums
Niklas Henriksson – Bass

VELVET INSANE is a four piece Rock ‘N’ Roll / Rock band from Östersund in Sweden. Band was formed in the end of 2013 and they have released debut EP “Youth On Fire” in October of 2014. Second EP of these Swedish Rockers was released in June of 2015 and it is entitled “Break Out Of Eden”.

I love so much titled track “Break Out Of Eden” with unbelievable power & energy! Heavy guitars feed listeners with melody and perfectly played rhythmic section sounds incredible with vocal of Jonas. Memorable refrain is highlight of this track also with beautiful choir in the background. Worth to mention is that guitar solo played by Jesper give just a goose-flesh! “Do You Want Blood?” is interesting track, because they connect in perfectly way gentleness of playing with heaviness. Great clear drums together with acoustic guitar in verse changing into powerful Swedish heavy attack in chorus. Brilliant choir in refrain is so catchy. Guys can perfetcly change their playing from calmer to more stronger sounds. Fabulous guitar work with many melody.

The third song “Frame” is an amazing ballad with wonderful voice of Jonas. He has gorgeous voice and he can show his emotions through singing. Rocking climate of bass and drums together with acoustic guitar can to move listener to the other place. Their song just sounds like a ballad of one of well-known Rock legends. These guys really know how to catch listener’s heart! I love them since first listening!

Second EP „Break Out Of Eden” of VELVET INSANE is a necessary position to every lovers of Rock ‘N’ Roll and Rock band. Every track on this album is potential hit! Fantastic riffs, clear rhythmic section and beautiful melodic singing – everywhere is hearable experience of musicians! Band cares about high level of playing and their catchy choruses dig in listener’s mind for long time. I really enjoyed during listening songs of this Swedish Rockers. I wish them all the best in their music career. They have big potential! Highly recommend!

Release date: 02-06-2015
Reviewer: Katarzyna Zakolska
Score: 10

Katarzyna Zakolska

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