For those of us who like the oldschool Grindcore genre, you might just find a very interesting band to listen to. Mashing up Grindcore, Death Metal, and fast low-growls which is often met in the more extreme bands of the genre Thrash Metal, the guys at HAEMOPHAGUS could create a very nice album named “Atrocious”. Do I regret listening to it? No, sirs.

Let us begin.

The album starts with a melodic intro, nothing really to discuss here about, it’s tasty and jammy and I liked it. And the following song is “Partying At The Grave”. The lyrics are about sex and violence at…well…the grave. The lyrics from the other side is very hollow and simple and just shows brutality. it keeps the band simple and hardcore. Just to punch you in the face and destroy you. Great guitar works. Great vocals. And the following song, “Atrocious”, which the album is named for, have a great oldschool feel sound which reminds me of the band HORRIFIC. Maybe we just found out another Horror Metal/Grindcore band which sounds great when we’ve come across this album. It’s definitely makes me want to listen to it more and more. Overall, this album might bring some good memories of the heaviest bands of the golden 90’s era of the Death Metal. featuring heavy rhythms sections, great bass and drums tone, and perfect dialing of technical solos, this might be a great album with a lot of potential for those guys in the future. Great work from great guys.

Summing up everything to feature from this album, I might be the one of those who will sit and listen to this album, all over and over again. I liked it very much and brought me good memories back from the end of high-school, when we got drunk and ditched the prom to a Death Metal show.

Release date: 04-05-2014
Reviewer: Zohar Belkin
Score: 9

Zohar Belkin

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