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March has been quite the interesting month for both music and Metalheads Forever, hasn’t it? I don’t know about you, but I am very excited about the events that have been unfolding within our community.

We have seen some great things coming our way on the summer tour circuit, and I know that many of you are counting the days until that festival or concert. I just bought my first meet and greet tickets to see Sixx A.M.; I know that they are hard rock but I can’t pass up a chance to see them, especially now that Motley Crue is officially retired. I am also going to a festival and a couple of other concerts over the next two months, so I am on a sort of music high. Speaking of festivals and tours, below is a brief listing of some of the bands from many of the genres Metalheads Forever supports that are on tour this summer, with links to their official pages so that you can learn more about those dates, tickets, and venues.

AC/DC                                http://www.acdc.com

Alice Cooper                       http://www.alicecooper.com/

Black Sabbath                     http://www.blacksabbath.com/

Def Leppard, Tesla, & Styx   http://www.defleppard.com/

Doro Pesch                         http://www.doropesch.com/

Europe                               http://www.europetheband.com/

Foreigner                            http://www.foreigneronline.com/

Guns n’ Roses                     http://gunsnroses.com/

Halestorm                           http://www.halestormrocks.com

KISS                                  http://www.kissonline.com/

Megadeth                           http://www.megadeth.com/

Operation Mindcrime           http://operationmindcrime.com/

Queensryche                      http://queensrycheofficial.com/

Saxon                                http://saxon747.com/

Trans-siberian Orchestra      http://www.trans-siberian.com/

Whitesnake & Journey         http://whitesnake.com/

Discharge/Eyehategod/Toxic http://www.eyehategod.ee/

Call of the Void                    http://callofthevoid303.bandcamp.com/

Hate Eternal/Vital Remains   http://www.hateeternal.com/

Baroness                            http://yourbaroness.com/

Mutoid Man                         http://mutoidman.com/

Deicide/Season of Suffering http://www.earache.com/bands/deicide/deicide.html

Dying Fetus/The Acacia Strain http://dyingfetus.bandcamp.com/

Korn and Rob Zombie             http://korn.com/

Soulfly/Suffocation/Battlecross http://www.soulfly.com/

There are so many more bands on tour, nearly too many to list; definitely check out your favorite bands’ official site to see when they will be on tour, releasing new music, or any other updates that they might share. You can also check out the news articles here in Metal On Loud; the news team works to keep on top of trending stories so that you don’t miss out on anything in the music world.

In Metalheads Forever, a new channel was launched this month, MHF Ballads! For those of you who like the softer, sometimes sadder side of rock and metal, definitely check it out. There are already over 1,800 members!

MHF Ballads Channel

There is always something new happening in Metalheads Forever, don’t forget to check your favorite channels and the main page for Worldly Wednesday, Theme Fridays and our Star and Mystery Stages where you can Share and Win! MHF has brought back the Member of the Month award, be looking for more information on that in the coming weeks!

Metal On Loud!

Tabatha Spears

Tabatha is a Metal On Loud author who writes the 'Metal Minute' columns and takes the occasional band interview.

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