Fake Idols


If musicians of death and black metal bands unite, there only Death or Black Metal can come out, right? In the case of Fake Idols not because they play melodic metal with clean vocals. Founded 2012 by (former) Raintime musicians, the Italians recently published their second album WITNESS. And this time with Phil Campbell (Motörhead) and Damna (Elvenking) they could engage two more or less well-known guests.




“Out of gear” is a classic opener. Hard, fast, catchy chorus and a good solo in the middle. Definitely makes you wanting more. Already on the second song “Mad fall” Phil Campbell can unpack the guitar. Which passage(s) he plays I sadly can not say, since I am not familiar with his special style of play. Anyway, the song is quite motörhead-like, apart from the singing, which does not come off so scratchy.




And in this style, which is somewhere between Adrenaline Mob and 80s Hard Rock, it continues over the whole album. Technically quite well but almost nothing gets caught in one‘s head. Even the guest appearance of Damna at “The city’s burning” fizzles somehow. A big hit? Most likely yet “Go”, apart from that (unfortunately) only average reigns here. At least in terms of composition, playful and vocally everything is good to very good, it only keeps missing the distinctive songs that could provide as an eye-opener. So blares the work away without leaving major accents.




But maybe that’s common in this genre and thus is also expected from the fans or I’m just too demanding. Anyway, the record didn’t knock my socks off. Quite well suited to listen to as a sideline or at parties but likewise nothing more.


Fake Idols – Go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqAqW3ZuFik




Ivan Odorico : Guitar
Claudio Coassin : Vocals
Enrico Fabris : Drums
Cristian Tavano : Guitar
Ivo Boscariol : Bass


Label: Scarlet Records


Out: 16. September 2016


Duration: 43:31


Track list:


  • Out Of Gear

  • Mad Fall – feat Phil Campbell

  • So Now

  • Sail

  • The City’s Burning – feat Damna

  • Silence

  • I’m a Fake

  • Go

  • Could You Bid Me Farewell

  • Prayers On Fire

  • Witness


Release date: 16-09-2016
Reviewer: David Kerber
Score: 4

David Kerber

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