South America is developing more and more into a Metal-Stronghold, not only in the fan scene, but also in the number and quality of the bands. So there is no longer only Angra and Sepultura, which cause a sensation in the metal scene. For example, Feanor, who have made it their task to continue the legacy of Manowar and Majesty. Accordingly their third album, the first to be sung completely in English, is called We are Heavy Metal.


Anyone who is already twitching his eyes, should rather not read any further, because the Argentines sound the same as the album title suggests: Manowar memory riffs, epic choruses in the chorus and classic cliché lyrics about the trveness of metal and fantasy battles. As the icing on the cake ex-Manowar lead guitarist Ross The Boss guests in at four of the twelve tracks. Other guests are David Shankle (also ex-Manowar) and ex-Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin.


So far, so bad? Not at all. For what Feanor is celebrating here is better than the last Manowar releases and reminds of the good old days when Joey deMaio and Co were still good. Ok, the exploits like Sign of the Hammer or Kings of Metal the South Americans do not reach, but you can not expect that.


Musically everything is in the best order. Guitarist Walter Hernández rattles his way through the songs, the rhythm section around drummer Frank Gilchriest and Gustavo Acosta (the third best bass player in Argentina 2003) grooves straight and singer Sven D’Anna (Wizard) expresses the songs with his powerful organ. And the band masters all facets of the trve-metal: fast rockers ( “The discipline of steel”), ballads ( “Ëarendil the sailor”, “Dagur nuin giliath”) and epic excesses ( “The epic Gilgamesh “, ” The visitors “).


If you like this kind of metal, you can access it without hesitation and get some strong metal anthems on your ears. And all those who find this kind of music too kitschy miss a technically well-made album. In this sense: Stay trve!


Feanor – We Are Heavy Metal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSOTYZocfcI




Sven D’Anna – Vocals
Frank Gilchriest – Drums
Walter Hernández – Guitars
Gustavo Acosta – Bass & Keyboard


Label: Massacre Records / Icarus Music


Out: 25. November 2016


Duration: 59:59


Track list:


  • We Are Heavy Metal

  • Ëol the Dark

  • Ëarendil the Sailor

  • The Discipline of Steel

  • Water Gardens

  • Dagor Nuin Giliath

  • White and Blue

  • Crying Games

  • The Visitors

  • In the Darkness

  • The Scribe

  • The Epic of Gilgamesh Pt. 1 (the Quest for Glory)


Release date: 25-11-2016
Reviewer: David Kerber
Score: 8

David Kerber

This author is no longer associated with Metal On Loud Magazine.

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