Voodoo Circle. Mad Max – Hamburg 2016

“Whiskey Fingers”, that’s the name of the current album of Voodoo Circle. And, of course, the six-day tour of the band around the great guitar player Alex Beyrodt was also called under this motto. The show at the Rock Café St. Pauli concluded the short trip around Germany. Special guest Mad Max was on it.

Mad Max from Münster (North Rhine-Westphalia – Germany) can look back on 35 years of band history, if you let the sixteen year break disregarded. The only remaining founding member is guitar player Jürgen Brefort. With their twelve albums, several EPs and singles, the band could draw on abundant in the well-filled Rock Café. They presented one hour of Hard Rock at its best. At the end of the nearly one-hour best-of-show, the four had naturally to play an encore.

Not quite as long are Voodoo Circle on stage. Founded in 2008 by Alex Beyrodt (Primal Fear, Sinner), the influences of Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Rainbow and also Led Zeppelin are unmistakable. And singer David Readman (Pink Cream 69) reminds then vocally of David Coverdale. This tour the band had to play “below-strength“. Bass player Mat Sinner was already in full preparations to “Rock meets Classic” and keyboard player Alessandro Del Vecchio had a car accident shortly prior to the tour and thus had to cancel his participation. On bass there was a replacement by Ufo Walter (Uwe Friedrich Otto Walter). Without a keyboard, the songs sounded somewhat bluesier than on the album, so more Zeppelin – less Snake. But that did not diminish the enthusiasm of the band and the mood of the fans. David Readman showed that he is an excellent singer. And as an entertainer he communicated on a very sympathetic way with the audience. In “Blind Man” the band musically paid homage to the metal veterans Led Zeppelin. With the double hit “Graveyard City” / “Rock’n Roll” ended

the regular part of the show. But without an encore Voodoo Circle could not leave the small stage of the Rock Café as well. Finally was also quoted Dios “Holy Diver” in “Devil Takes Me Down”. Huge!

Rainer Kerber

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