Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni

Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni

The year is 2012. VEXILLA REGIS PRODEUNT INFERNI (Which from now on, I’ll refer asVRPI, and the album name as “S/T”) released through Onslaught Records. Their “S/T”album. Honestly, I can say…They released probably, to my opinion, one of the best albums of 2012 in the Death Metal genre. To be honest, it’s one of the most complicated albums I’ve ever come across to review. VRPI are a rather new band, formed in only 2009, but it comes from a line of a great artists from bands like OMINOUS CRUCIFIX, NECROCCULTUS, and etc.

The album starts with the track “Serpent’s Council” with the sounds of hell itself is unleashed upon the listener, which then transform into a slayer-like fast and off-knocking solo with amazing vocals of Rubens Nergal.  The next song, “Ceremony of The Impure” reminds me a mixture between OBITUARY‘s masterpiece “Cause Of Death”, DEATH‘s amazing song from “Symbolic”, and a touch of the lyrics by bands like MORBID ANGEL. Of course, there is no metalhead that respects himself and doesn’t know who those are. So if you’re into old-school Death Metal about Cultism, Satanism and the-likes this band is just for you. “Towards Battlefields”. Starts with amazingly made soldier walk-like and an amazing phrase about Justice. This is a very militant song, that will make you stick to it and listen to it all day. The guitarists Ignis, Edgarand Jesus are making quite a very amazing performance on the guitars through this album. The more you listen to it, it gets more of a Black Metal style, rather then Death Metal. Something in between, which combines the two worlds in a cruel,old-school like way. “Ravenous Apocalyptic Raids” is a short song with female voice reading an announcement (not going to spoil you the fun with the lyrics.) and then turns into yet another demonic powerful anthem. A very short, yet very powerful song. “Purification by the Sword” is another, very MORBID ANGEL alike song. In this point, you’re getting really into “VRPI”. Never ending shed of hatred and Satanism leaves you to rot and die…Right when you feel it’s the end of you, come the next song, “Leviathan’s Coronation”. The song starts quite quietly, with just sounds of waves hitting the shore, and then growls from beyond are coming in. Sounds of hell unleashed, which are very typical for this album. The following song, “Nine Kingdoms” is yet another brutal old-school like Death Metal song. Follows the end of “Leviathan’s Coronation” and that’s all. Got nothing to really write about it. Besides it’s great and awesome. “Hunting And Sacrifice” Starts with sounds of a sacrifice. Rubens’ Vocalist power really shown here. Following amazing shredding and mini-solo’s inside, this is my most favourite track from the album. This track wouldn’t put to shame bands like POSSESSED, DEATH or even OBITUARY. This song might have some influence as well from BATHORY. The presence here is very big and powerful.

To close the album, VRPI made a song named “Necropolis Rising”. Yet another amazing masterpiece of the cruel Death Metal they’re making.

So, if you like Old School Death Metal, with influences of Black Metal in his golden age, and ear-shredding solo’s, this is a great album for you. I must also take your notice to the drummer, Daniel Sanchez. He made here an amazing work. I’ll even say, this is a must-have in any metalhead’s arsenal.

Usually I never give such a rating, but this album is simply a masterpiece.


1   Serpent’s Council 1:38
2 Ceremony Of The Impure 5:01
3 Towards Battlefields 5:37
4 Ravenous Apocalyptic Raids  
5 Purification By The Sword 4:15
6 Leviathan’s Coronation 6:22
7 Nine Kingdoms 5:36
8 Hunting And Sacrifice 4:50
9 Necropolis Rising 6:58

Release date: 24-08-2012
Reviewer: Zohar Belkin
Score: 10

Zohar Belkin

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