Release date:  24.06.2016
Label:  Napalm Records


  1.  Luma
  2. An Ember’s Arc

  3. Withering Strands

  4. Roots to Sever

  5. Whelm

  6. A Thread Dissolves

  7. Grasping Lights

The Smoke of Many Fires



Not easy to describe …the music of the Australians Be’lakor. Melodic Death Metal announces the record company. Yes, it will mainly fit, but it includes by far not all of the sound spectrum of the boys from Down Under.


On their fourth album now, “Vessels”, something is happening every minute during the eight songs, so that it is absolutely not easy to follow for the listeners. Musically the compositions satisfy on highest level and because of the technical know-how and the incredibly frequent mood changes the progressive content is very high. Progressive Melodic Death with atmosphere iswhat describes the music of Be’lakor best I think.


The vocals or better deep growls of vocalist / guitarist George Kosmas play only a minor role, the focus is clearly on the powerful melodies, alternating with heavy rhythms. From time to tine Insomnium comes to mind, as Be’lakor sound in some phases as a tougher issue of the Finns.


After the short  “Luma” the Australians rise with “An Ember’s Arc” equal pioneering. Very hard, yet highly melodic with many facets and breaks. It is no coincidence that Be’lakor have their own pianist / Keyboardisten in the ranks with Steve Merry. The band sets this element also often referred to as a change of mood and when the heard moved from a quieter passage into powerful guitar walls with final character, the attentive audience will one time or another going to sweat.


Because the songs of Be’lakor not just to hear aside, but need concentration and appropriate any more runs to unfold their genius. And with every rund you will discovers new things in the hard “Roots to Sever”, the doomy “Whelm” or the all-encompassing final song “The Smoke of Many Fires” …always new details which make the album continue to grow.


As I said, Be’lakor make it not easy to the listener but produce a depth and they certainly belong  to the best in their sector of what currently is on the market. “Vessel” …. an album that captivates ..


Release date: 24-06-2016
Reviewer: Erich Robbers
Score: 8

Erich Robbers

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