Asphodelia was founded in Foggia (Italy) in 2016 by the former members of the band Blackdahlia Samuela Fuiani, Ruggero Doronzo, Fancesco Dragone and Ludovico Massariello. The debut album by the band will be published in fall. As an appetizer the EP “Vengeance” was released in May. Bass player Fancesco Dragone left the band after the recordings and was replaced by Davide Ricciardi.

After two minutes of expendable intro „Asphodel Meadows” the band starts quiet with “Inner war“ then increases but slightly. The voice of singer Samuela Fuiani pleasantly distinguishes itself from many other of this genre. She prefers the medium notes which suits well for the quieter but not ballad song. The melody changes reflect very well the inner struggle. The other tracks on the EP are moving in the mid-tempo range as well. Only in “Flowers Of Evil” is temporarily a driving double bass to hear.

Asphodelia don’t sound like a typical melodic metal band from Italy. No escalating Keyboard carpets, no vocals reminiscent of operatic singing, hardly bombastic choruses. Instead they play melodic metal/rock with a strong pop-flip side. The highlight for me are the vocals, but also the fellows of Samuela Fuiani show their skills on the instruments. For the debut album I’d still want a little more variety, inter alia, also the tempo of songs. For this album the Italians have launched a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.

Teaser for the EP:
Offical Lyric Video of “Flowers Of Eval”:

Samuela Fuiani – Gesang, Piano
Ruggero Doronzo – Gitarren, FX
Fancesco Dragone – Bass
Ludovico Massariello – Schlagzeug

Label: self
Out: 26.05.2016
Duration: 25:06

Track list:

  • Asphodel Meadows
  • Inner War
  • Dust
  • Heroes
  • Flowers Of Evil

Release date: 26-05-2016
Reviewer: Rainer Kerber
Score: 7


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