Nemesea was founded in 2002 by singer Manda Ophuis and guitarist Henrik J. de Jong at the Conservatory in Groningen. Shortly afterwards they gave their first concert as support for After Forever. So far, three studio albums were released. While the debut could even be attributed to symphonic metal, the Dutch are now playing rock with many pop influences. With “Uprise” the fourth studio album of the apparently to a trio shrunken band is in the starting blocks now.

The opener “Hear Me” is rocking straight forward and could even be attributed lead to pleasant anticipation. Singer Manda Ophuis shows her vocal abilities. But already with “Twilight” the pop elements push themselves to the fore. And the mix of pop and rock continues, then synths in “Forever” supervene. The ballad “Let It Burn” is together with to the opener one of the better songs. Otherwise you will find on the album dozen goods, reminiscent of genre greats like Amaranthe, Delain or current Within Temptation.

From the label „Uprise” is touted as a timelessly beautiful rock masterpiece. Right, timeless are the melodies and beautiful are the melodies. But a masterpiece it is not. The pop-rock of Nemesea sounds complacent, however, the compositions do not reach the quality of Within Temptation and are not as pointed as the songs of Amaranthe. After intensive time you listen to it gets but a little repetitive. Genre lovers should definitely give a quick listen to it.

Manda Ophuis – Gesang
Hendrik J. de Jong – Gitarren/Keyboards/Gesang
Sonny Onderwater – Bass/Keyboards
According to Wikipedia additional:
Frank van der Star – Schlagzeug
Lasse Dellbrugge – Keyboards

Label: Napalm Records
Out: 29.04.2016
Duration: 35:54


  • Hear Me
  • Twilight
  • Forever
  • Let It Burn
  • Time To Make It
  • Can’t Believe It
  • Light Up The Sky
  • Get Out
  • Bones
  • Hold On

Release date: 29-04-2016
Reviewer: Rainer Kerber
Score: 7

Rainer Kerber

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