The Ultimate Metal Night! Kreator + Sepultura + Soilwork + Aborted

Kreator, Sepultura, Soilwork and Aborted thrashed Copenhagen on the 6th of February 2017. For a thrash and death metal fan, this was a dream come true show!

Aborted kicked of the night with a brutal and intensive death metal show. Even though the venue was only half full, Aborted kicked ass and they actually managed to start the first circle-pit of the night! Considering that Aborted entered the stage only 10 minutes after the venue opened – on a monday night – they actually managed to get people going.

Next up Soilwork! The swedish band delivered a great show, packed with classic Soilwork melodic death metal hits. Unfortunately the sound could have been better and I suspect that the band had almost no monitor – if any. With 4 bands packed in just a very few hours, it seemed that Soilwork had not been giving the time for a thorough sound check. Despite the sound issues, Soilwork delivered a well played show and they once again demonstrated their superior skills as musicians.

Sepultura now entered the stage and was greeted with a warm metal-roar-welcome from the crowd! The band gave a great show with a good mix of the old stuff and the new stuff from Machine Messiah. No doubt that the crowd preferred they old hits like “Chaos A.D.” and “Roots Bloody Roots” and in my opinion, the new stuff did not really kicked ass. As promised, this would turn out to be the ultimate thrash metal night!

Kreator really kicked ass from the first note and the setlist was a perfect mix of classic tracks like Flag of Hate, Pleasure to Kill, etc. and tracks from their latest album Gods of Violence. New tracks like World War Now and Satan Is Real worked really well live! Frontman Mille Petrozza had the audience by his hand and started several circle pits and off course the classic Wall of Death. The sound was perfect and the band’s technical skills and tightness was completely superior. Lighting and backdrops with videos – especially during Fallen Brother tribute to legends such as Lemmy, Bowie, Cliff Burton and Dimebag Darrell – was breathtaking. A cascade of light, smoke, fire and pounding thrash metal, once again stated that mighty Kreator sits heavily on the throne of thrash metal in Europe. Nothing less than legendary!

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