MOBIUS was founded in La Réunion, a French island about 700 kilometers east of Madagascar, in 2012. Three teenagers met and wrote their first songs (Adrien – drums, Guillaume – Keyboards and Anton – guitar). After a while they decided to study in Lyon in France. They pursued their metal project. They met Heli (vocals) and Julien (bass) and MOBIUS was founded. Meanwhile Anton and Julien left the band again. With THE LINE, the band now releases their debut album.


Quiet piano sounds initiate the opener “Cosmopolis”, later strings are added. Then, the song gathers pace, frantically sounding guitars, driving drums play. The clear vocals of Heli in middle notes are backed by choruses. Rhythm and tempo changes clearly show the orientation of the compositions, proggy but melodic Metal is offered on the album.


In “Evasion” alternate banging guitars and drum parts with calmer vocal passages. Here shows the singer that she feels comfortable even in the higher tones. Especially in the instrumental passages, the Prog-orientation of the band is again visible. The drumming is almost permanently in the foreground. Towards the end then is then a beautifully melodic guitar solo to hear.


The passage to the next song “A Mazing World” then is flowing. Plucked guitars employ, accompanied by wind- and later also string-instrument sounds, a brief interlude, which merges seamlessly into “The Heresiarch” the catchiest song on the album. Epic choruses accompany the singing. But in the last third then again the Prog attitude comes through. So how the album started, it also ends, the entry of “Mist Of Illusions” provides the piano again, later the singing is accompanied by epic choruses, the drums bang from the speakers, the guitars sound powerful. The vocal sound paintings give the song an exotic feel.


Mobius make it themselves and the audience not easy, the constant melody and rhythm changes are difficult to play but also require an intense listening. Composition and arrangement are complex and extremely bulky. Very good musicians live here on the album their “musical playfulness” to the full. A successful debut album, certainly the Prog-lovers will have their joy.




Heli – Vocals
Adrien – Drums
Guillaume – Keys
Xavier – Guitars


Label: Self distributed


Out: October 10th 2016


Duration: 54 min


Track list:


  • Cosmopolis

  • Rising Mind

  • Evasion

  • A Mazing World

  • The Heresiarch

  • Bursting Chaos

  • Dark Fates

  • Mist Of Illusions


Release date: 10-10-2016
Reviewer: Rainer Kerber
Score: 7

Rainer Kerber

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