Opeth are easily one of my top 20 favorite bands of all time.  I look forward to anything and everything they release.  So, when I heard they released their “Sorceress” single as a teaser for the upcoming album, I just had to check it out.  Unfortunately, I found myself rather unimpressed with the song.  It just sounds like a bunch of ideas spliced together without anything leading one sound into the next, which leaves the overall song sounding like a confused jumbled mess.  However, with Opeth, everything you hear from them sounds different, so I was pretty sure that the entire album wasn’t going to be like the title track, and the band thankfully deliver the goods on the rest of the album. 

Musically, this album continues to follow the same path as their last couple of albums, being progressive rock-based with absolutely no trace of the death metal sound of the past, albeit a bit heavier than the last two.  About half of the songs are electrified melodic progressive metal tracks, with heavy riffing and shredding solos.  The other half are pretty typical of Opeth’s softer material, being more atmospheric and acoustic-based.  Personally, I find these softer tracks to be my favorites on the album, particularly “Will O The Wisp”.

Underwhelming title track aside, ‘Sorceress’ is another really good Opeth release, and further proves that they are one of the greatest and most talented bands in the progressive rock/metal scene.

<!– [if gte mso 9]> Release date: 30-09-2016
Reviewer: Lee Naylor
Score: 9

Lee Naylor

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