See The Scars


Prisoner,a Serbian Speed Metal band debuted their first full length album See The Scars in 2015.

The opening song,Hung Drawn & Quartered,starts with the sounds of ancient bells and launches into an aggressive and fast guitar attack.
Messiah,the second song is an extremely fast paced and has a surprise double bass attack that’s brutal.

The vocals are amazing,with the singer sounding American, with his clear,accent free vocals.
The guitar solos may not be numerous,but are excellent and well executed. Risen from the Grave,another great song,has an Iron Maiden sound,
but definitely in an influential way,not as a ripoff.This album as a whole,has a smooth continuity to it. There is no competition between vocals and

Definitely reminiscent of the 80s,with its clean,and at times brutal sound. Although Prisoner can be labeled as a Thrash band, this album leans much more toward Speed,for it lacks the heaviness of true Thrash. This is a great debut album worth checking out.

Release date: 01-01-1970
Reviewer: Carole Bonner
Score: 9

Carole Bonner

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