Another great release of Mighty Music. Only God knows how I got into all this Modern Metal stuff, but you know what? It sounds so good. Hailing from Denmark, it’s the Scandinavian version of the band BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE; other bands that you can also refer to from this genre are DISTURBED, VOLBEAT and DEMON HUNTER.

The first song is just wonderful. “Scars Of Time” is undoubtly a good song for a lot of fans out there of different Metal genres. It’s heavy and melodic at the same time; meaningful and amazing. It was mixed well in the studios as well. The sound fits the modern impact they’re trying to deliver to the audience and the fans.

“1000 Ways To Bleed” Is a more brutal song. Alongside with melodically, reverbed guitar solos and great rhythm sections, and amazing drumming, this song is build to stay and be played over and over again. Honestly, you just need to sit down and listen to this song for yourself to really judge of how good is he.

“Black Rebel Noise” – This song was released both with a regular electric version, and an acoustic version. At first, I’ll refer to the electric version – This album keeps going and going and getting better. It’s not boring and all the songs are written to fit each other, but in a different way, for not boring you. This song drives you onward and onward, and you’ll start falling in love within this album. The acoustic version – Is a very sad version of the original song. A very amazing, but very sad version. Probably one of the best acoustic versions I’ve ever heard. Lets continue.

“Another Day In Hell” –  The song starts with a slow guitar arpeggio and some kind of a flute(?) or so sounds, and slow, clean vocals. This song is a hell of a song to hear before sleep… And then it starts to rock! Ha-ha. “Another Day In Hell” really gives you the message it tries to deliver with the name of the song. Great song. Great, Great, Great.

Poison Moon” gives you a feel that you’re listening to ARCH ENEMY, alongside with the vocals of Jackie Peterson, which really reminds me of the singer of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE.  The feeling I got from this album, is that it is built to go on and on, and uplift to something bigger and meaner to expect.

I don’t really have something else to write about the other songs, except that they’re excellent, and for who read my other reviews, I’ll move from my manners to something different – This band, this particular band, reminds me of Modern Metal that I was listening to at the start of the middle school, when I was 13-14 years old. This band delivered me good childhood memories – big time. This band will fit anyone actually. I really have to praise this album, but something, just a little something, misses me here. The vocals maybe? It’s not fitting exactly in 100% for my ears, but that’s my own opinion. Great Album, written well, with amazing lyrics.

Release date: 06-10-2014
Reviewer: Zohar Belkin
Score: 8

Zohar Belkin

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