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Dark Moor

I’m a huge fan of any and all types of power/symphonic/progressive metal music, and Dark Moor is one of the bands that really stands out to me.  They’re known for being very melodic, even to Sonata Arctica proportions, however, the complex musicianship and the grandiose symphonic elements give them that strong epic feel that I love so much about bands like this.

That being said, when I saw the reviews for their newest album ‘Project X’, I was stunned.  People were saying things like “bullshit pop rock” and “the worst album Dark Moor ever made”.  Still, I like to keep an open mind, so I had to listen to the album for myself to see if the reviews really were true.  I’m sorry to say, they are.  ‘Project X’ is an absolute atrocity that should never have seen the light of day.  I tried to like this album, I really did, but this is such a far cry from what Dark Moor are known for.  Is this really the same band that brought us masterpieces like ‘The Hall of the Olden Dreams’ and ‘The Gates of Oblivion’?  Seriously, aside from a few shredding solos, the vast majority of this sounds like simplistic straightforward arena rock with a lot of gospel style choruses.  Seriously guys, if you were trying to channel your inner-Queen, you could have at least stayed heavy while you were doing so.  Blind Guardian did it the right way, why can’t you?  I think this is also supposed to be a concept album of some sort, but I don’t really know what the concept is, nor do I care enough to research it and find out. 

Deeply, deeply disappointing.  Hopefully the band will realize the mistake they made here, and their next album will be back to the epic sound that all their fans know and love.

Release date: 04-11-2015
Reviewer: Lee Naylor
Score: 1

Lee Naylor

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