Planetary Cancer


Russian metal powerhouse Dissector unleash the furious Planetary Cancer, putting metalheads worldwide on notice. 

Russia’s Dissector returns with their punishing new album Planetary Cancer, which finds the seasoned metal heavyweight trio in rare form. 

Originally formed in North Eastern Russia in 1992, the band dominated the metal scene for 10 years before entering an indefinite hiatus, resurrecting the project in 2006 with a rejuvenated drive and creative fire. 

In the wake of their acclaimed 2014 studio album Grey Anguish and their following up EP Pride and Hate, Dissector is back with a rampaging vengeance, recruiting a who’s who of the metal community to come aboard for one of the most cohesive recordings of the year. 

Kicking off with the equal parts menacing and electric track Mercy, Dissector’s Planetary Cancer is a throwback to the glory days of metal, combining modern elements and the blistering guitar-work of guitarist/vocalist Yan Fedyaev, to usher in one of 2016’s more complete metal albums. 

Fedyaev is especially in top form on Rebuild on Better Days, and The Hate Inside, the latter of which serves as one of the album’s standout tracks, with some of the most memorable hooks on the record. 

Perfect Smile offers only a momentary reprieve from the relentless pacing of the album, putting the more melodic elements of Dissector on full display, in a track as haunting as it is fiercely heavy. 

The Shape of Things To Come kicks off with a memorable classic thrash riff in the vain of ‘big four’ legends, building to fervent drum work from Andrey Glukhov and epic tap work once again from Fedyaev, who offers some of his most powerful and angst-fueled vocals to date. 

The closing half of the album is anything but filler, with tracks The Deep churning out frantic guitar and bass riffs, Exit Humanity providing some of the most intense instrumentals of the album and Invisible Lives serving as the albums emotional melodic culmination.

The album features its fair share of notable guest artists, with Mario Iliopoulos of Nightrage taking solo duties on The Hate Inside, Blind Saviour’s Rachel Grech lending vocals to Invisible Lives, Lauri Tuohimaa of Tuohimaa and Charon jumping in on The Deep and the incredible multi-instrumentalist Jorn Nord of Nordjevel providing guitar work on Rebuild On Better Days. Additional guests include Blazing Rust’s Igor Arbuzov, Spartan’s Nick van Beusekom, The Vison Ablaze’s Marcus Gronbech and Samarah’s Marcel Staub and keyboardist Max Delmar. Quite the array of talent!

Whether a fan of classic thrash, new age melodic death metal or even a twinge of the black, Dissector’s latest offering covers the basis. 

Metalheads, take notice.

Release date: 06-06-2016
Reviewer: Dillon Collins
Score: 9

Dillon Collins

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