Pent Letters

Stormy Atmosphere

Israeli Progressive Art Metal band Stormy Atmosphere was formed in 2002. The music of band is a blend of Rock, Metal, Classical music, Electronics and more. The musicians call their own style as Progressive Art.

6 Years after the last release, last September Stormy Atmosphere released another masterpiece.

The first song, “Afterlight” , Starts with a quotation, and then evolves into the well known tone of the Progressive Metal that Stormy Atmosphere make so good. Another song that really caught me was “Science Fiction”. The band continued their line of work and released a marvelous album named “Pent Letters”. Aye, this is a great album, which can be easily considered as a continues mix of their previous work, “Colorblind” (Which you can find here).

This album got signed earlier this year into the label “Scrap Metal Records”, and lately, Stormy Atmosphere performed at MELODIC ALLIANCE FESTIVAL alogside ELVENKING, DESERT, WINTERVERGE and other local support bands.


Overally, this is another fine release, but the thing that I’m most unhappy about, is the fact that it took them 6 years, and I’d love to hear more of them soon!

Release date: 10-09-2015
Reviewer: Zohar Belkin
Score: 10

Zohar Belkin

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