Out Of Fire

Wicked Plan

When I think about rock and metal from Switzerland, then I fall into raptures – Gotthard, Krokus, Shakra, November 7, Lunatica, Eluveitie, and so on and so on … Wicked Plan, however, are for me one of the first new discoveries in 2016. Established was the band in 2012 by singer Natali Keller and guitarist Dan   Keller, with the goal “to create a heavy metal band of large gauge”. And the list of musicians that influence the band, reads like the Who’s Who of the international rock and metal scene: Jutta Weinhold, Bruce Dickinson, Roy Khan, Yngwie Malmsteen and George Lynch. With “Out Of Fire“ the second album of the Swiss is now available.

Somewhere I’ve once read “A band needs a great singer!” Exactly! And Wicked Plan definitely have one. Frontwoman Natali Keller has impressed me from the first note! In addition to the references already mentioned to me once more invade Marta Gabriel (Crystal Viper) or Veronica Freeman (Benedictum). But their bandmates play their instruments perfectly. Guitarist Dan convinces with his grandiose guitar solos (as in “Paganini”). The then missing rhythm guitarist he replaced by incorporating orchestral instrumentation.

Most of the songs are high-speed metal. Guitar and drums drive always forward. Hard-hitting riffs and power vocals are the trademark. But with “Darkness Comes” there is also an emotional ballad on the album. Accompanied by acoustic guitars and beautifully clean guitar licks, Natali Keller shows her great vocal abilities. With this voice, it runs an alternating hot and cold down the spine.

More Listening tips are “Wicked Plan” (headbang alarm, with an awesome guitar solo), “Dancing In The Rain” (a huge power ballad) and the title song “Out Of Fire” (with impressive drum and bass intro then later with fast  sometimes even frantic sounding guitar hooks).

Swiss metal bands inspire me for many years. And now I have a new entry on my list with Wicked Plan”. Everything fits together well. Power vocals, punchy and virtuoso guitar, punchy forward driving drums. This is metal music that is addictive!

Natali Keller – Gesang
Dan Keller – Gitarre, Orchester-Programmierung
Yanik Allenspach – Schlagzeug
Seb Vetter – Bass – seit Februar 2016 Ed Cuennet

Label: Dr. Music Records / Soulfood
Release dat: 05.02.2016
Play time: 53:45

Track list:
Wicked Plan
Dragon Eye
The Sign
Darkness Comes
Black Out
The Ring Of Amadon
Dancing In The Rain
Moon King
Out Of Fire

Release date: 25-09-2015
Reviewer: Rainer Kerber
Score: 8

Rainer Kerber

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