The symphonic metal band Oknos from Hannover was founded in 2013. The band “combines the smoothness of classical music with the heavyness of metal”. Thus, the musicians create a totally new sound. The digital single “Keeper Of Time” was released on October 21st. The debut album OLD WORLD will be released at the beginning of 2017, first as a digital album and two months later also as a CD, initially only in Europe.

Already in the intro “Prologue” show Oknos, where the journey goes. The epic strings go seamlessly into the next song “Struggle”. Here then also the rhythm section comes in. Hard but melodic guitar riffs and powerful drums accompany Anna’s elf-like vocals. And again and again strings are interwoven. Also the male clear vocals at the end of the song fit to the music. “Old World” starts with oriental-inspired sounds before again guitars and drums are added. A quiet rock song.

Also in the rocking “Sin” there is the interplay between clean female and male vocals. Fortunately, the too often used “Beauty and the Beast” scheme is not presented here. A short filigree guitar solo completes the song. The band produced a video to “Keeper Of Time.” The song starts quietly with orchestral parts before using the banging guitars. Anna is vocally supported by her bandmates on the guitar. “Guiding Light” starts with epic choruses. The clear soprano is underlined by powerful guitar walls. Later on, a flute is played, before the guitars are pushed back into the foreground. 

“Fire” starts as a piano ballad. The later onset quiet drumming then provides pressure from the speakers. Singer Anna can show here all facets of her vocal abilities. In the middle of the song the tempo is increased, drums, guitars and strings create a good mixture of heavyness and epic. The crowning glory then supplies the eight-minute epic “Requiem.” Strings and winds accompany at first ballad-like quiet singing. Drums and rhythmic guitars provide for later metallic heavyness. The filigree interplay of both guitarists and the epic choruses show again the compositional variety on the Album.

With OLD WORLD the Hanoverians published a convincing debut. Classical music and heavy metal are combined here to form a harmonious unity. Singer Anna can convince with her soprano voice. Also the other band members show their skills on the instruments and partly also on the microphone. Even after several times the album is fun and you can always discover something new. The album combines good songwriting with a powerful production. Not only genre-lovers should definitely listen to it.

Video clip for “Keepers Of Time”: https://youtu.be/SoJFEoeLdhQ


Anna – Vocals
Johannes – Guitar
Benjamin – Guitar
Arne – Bass
Sebastian – Drums
Philipp – Keyboard, Whistle

Label: FemMeropa  

Out: January 13th 2017 (digital), March 03rd 2017 (Digipack – Germany, Benelux, France)

Duration: 1:00:19  

Track list:  

  • Prologue

  • Struggle

  • Old World

  • Sin

  • The Passage (*)

  • Keeper of Time (*)

  • Falling

  • Guiding Light (*)

  • The Gods they have no Love

  • Ghost Ship

  • Queen of Ice (*)

  • Fire

  • Sailor’s Love Story

  • Requiem

 (*) Only Digipack


Release date: 13-01-2017
Reviewer: Rainer Kerber
Score: 8

Rainer Kerber

This author is no longer associated with Metal On Loud Magazine.
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