High Spirits

Release Date: 16.09.2016

Label:  High Roller Records


  1.  Up and Overture
  2. Flying High
  3. This Is The Night
  4. Reach for the Glory
  5. Do You Wanna Be Famous
  6. Haunted By Love
  7. Down the Endless Road
  8. Take Me Home
  9. Thank You 


Feel-good rock / metal anyone? Then we can confidently recommend the new High Spirits album “Motivator”. The band around mastermind Chris Black, who also is still with Nachtmystium and Dawnbringer, brings out the new album again at High Roller Records. Good cooperation, we might think.


Cause the third album after the high rated “Another Night” in 2011 and “You Are Here” (2014) will again delight the audience. And this audience prefers US Metal meets good-time Rock meets NWOBHM influences. As the debut was even more US Metal-heavy, the band reinforced to the happy vibes and this will now be celebrated with the “Motivator” entirely.


The nine song are all going straight forward. Straight and very catchy numbers like “Up and Overture”, “Flying High” or “Haunted By Love” run catchy and bring this typical good feeling immediately . The voice of Chris Black still fits terrific to the music. His clean vocals, that degenerates almost never degenerate in screams, are recognizable and can therefore be referred as the biggest trademark of High Spirits.


Again, three are some allusions to former Iron Maiden in the guitar runs…well, guys always are fans. Otherwise hapiness rules and you can see the band right on the stages of the rock world when performing the new songs in the typical High Spirits clothes (black shirts / white pants).


Nothing has changed, so? Yes, already. However, now the really big bang is missing, that one that we ware able to experience at “Another Night”. Some songs are from a good class but we miss the variety in sound. But we do not have it to do  here with a progressive or epic band that must overloadsongs with technology or super-atmospheric. High Spirits are High Spirits and “Down the endless road” and “Do You When Be Famous” speak their own, cheerful language.


The band seems to attract themselves everytime new what the album title underlines and with the outkicking “Thank You” the band thanks everybody from their hearts. Although the little cartoon-like artwork with the aircraft launching at night looks more like the first attempt of a cover-artist, the music that is in the album, however, is of seasoned size.


Cause of that all the songs are around 3 minutes in length “Motivator” with just a few more than 30 minutes is a bit short. But this is the only criticism that one can give the album. High Spirits again demonstrate why they struck with  “Another Night” and they continue to have fun in the cheeks. An album that carry you with itself.





Release date: 16-09-2016
Reviewer: Erich Robbers
Score: 8

Erich Robbers

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