The album starts with the title song “Moloch.” Impressive guitars, driving drums. For Darkwell ratios a quickly played song, the singing of the new/old singer Alexandra Pittracher is backed by almost frantically sounding drumming. “In Nomine Serpentis” then reminds already rather of the early days of Darkwell. Much more quiet and solemn, Strings create ordinary bombast, but without being cheesy. “Yoshiwara” starts with hard guitar riffs before the double bass gavers speed.

“Fall Of Ishtar” rocks initially straight forward before the tempo is a little withdrawn, in addition to the drums dominate keyboards and strings. However the song is furthermore enthroned by Alexandra’s bewitching vocals. Towards the end you can hear a great guitar solo. In “Save My Sight” are initially heard discreet Industrial sounds, which are then, however, displaced by banging riffs and keyboard carpets. With double bass attacks the song ends. “Loss Of Reason” starts with fast heavy riffs before the singing starts quieter, which is backed by punchy drums and some fast double bass.

“Im Lichte” is a song with German lyrics. Song structure and vocal strongly remind me herein of earlier songs of Elis from Liechtenstein. If ever a song on MOLOCH can be rated as a ballad, then it most likely will be this one, although it is produced with high pressure. There is a huge great guitar solo at the end. With the longest song on the album “Awakening” the Standard Edition is ending. Once again the powerful drums are highlighted by keyboard passages and strings. The buyer of Digipacks can still look forward to two bonus tracks then.

Darkwell proceed in 2016 up right where they left off a decade ago. Gothic Rock/Metal with a touch of gloom. Singer Alexandra Pittracher convinced me from the first note with her bewitching voice. Like that the sirens in ancient Greece must have sounded – seductive. And her fellows on the instruments barely stand after her. The production is powerful. A successful comeback of the band from Tyrol.

Video clip to “Yoshiwara”:


Alexandra Pittracher – Vocals
Mathias Nussbaum – Guitars
Raphael Lepuschitz – Keyboard
Roland Wurzer – Bass
Michael Bachler – Drums

Label: Massacre Records

Out: 23.09.2016

Duration: 48:54 / Digipak: 01:04:29

Track list:

  • Moloch

  • In Nomine Serpentis

  • Yoshiwara

  • Fall Of Ishtar

  • Save My Sight

  • Bow Down

  • Clandestine

  • Loss Of Reason

  • Im Lichte

  • Golem

  • Awakening

  • Hope Unborn #2016 (*)

  • Midlife Crisis (*)

    (*) Digipak Bonus

Release date: 23-09-2016
Reviewer: Rainer Kerber
Score: 8

Rainer Kerber

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