Horseflesh BBQ

Proll Guns

I did not really had to play the song “Horse Flesh BBQ” that times during the review for the EP “Fucking Troublemaker” cause of my daughter who loves to ride and loves horses. And now the Austrian Western-Thrashers Proll Guns bring out even just their full length album with this title. Even the “juicy” album cover does not contribute to the fact to show her the artwork.

Doesn’t matter, cause the Proll Guns don’t bring music for aesthetes or little girls, but for the seasoned metal cowboys of our world. Because on the new album singer and bassist Evil Ed, guitarist The Burner and drummer Cra “Y” Maker continue exactly where they left off with their latest EP. With earthy, totally pissed off Rotz’n Thrash, garnished with finely flambéed Western edge. This is not surprising if you know that they have packed the three songs of the last EP on the new album. As there would be the fast “From Texas To Hell”, the snappy “Horse Flesh BBQ” and “Fucking Troublemaker”.

But even the new songs hit the same line. Starting with the short, instrumental opener “Texas Banjo Massacre”, which comes up with the… yes … Banjo, but then kicks with powerful guitars and heavy drums for the Western thrash dance. Also new is the “Blood Gun Blues”, as would be expected in this title with some bluesy touch. Although there reigns down tuned guitars and Evil ED’s growl singing has anything but the blues, but these blues elements are shining through in a snotty form.

Since precisely Evil ED’s singing is discussed …. this is, like on the EP, what spreads the party guests because it comes over pretty rough and partly growling, so that at any time the rough touch which adheres to Proll Guns songs, remains.

“Reno Gang” scores with harmonious rock’n’roll rhythm, “Lookin ‘Out My Backdoor” acts like a thrashy set Western dance number and “The Revolver” comes with no less than 7 minutes as a straighter rock shooter, who is also combines banjo passages and  acoustic guitar parts. Relaxed and unfamiliar, yet unmistakably Proll Guns style.

Besides we find the quick smash riffer “Execution”, with distorted guitars and unintelligible vocals (don’t really fit!), As well as the rather more calm  Banjo croaking-cheerleader “Southern Slavery”, also the bouncer from the horse meat butcher.

Proll Guns remain their style, which is rooted in clear Thrash, allowing many stylistic proximity to Motörhead, and their own western note stay loyal and fire again their tasty safe (-lost?) tunes among the hungry crowd. For my opiniom the western flair could still be expanded, because this element is not found as often in the music scene. But, doesn’t matter cause the Proll Guns invite you to a musical barbecue and await you along with the saloon girls with sharp flavored material. High Noon in Austria !!

1.    Texas Banjo Massacre
2.    Horseflesh Barbeque
3.    From Texas to Hell
4.    Bloodgun Blues
5.    Fucking Troublemaker
6.    Reno Gang
7.    Lookin’ Out My Backdoor
8.    The Revolver
9.    Execution
10.    Southern Slaver

Label:  NRT Records

Release date: 24-08-2016
Reviewer: Erich Robbers
Score: 7

Erich Robbers

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