Release Date : February 26, 2016
Rating : 10/10
This seventh studio album, “Grey Heavens“, by the Finnish Melodic/Progressive Death Metal Band OMNIUM GATHERUM have just taken them to a whole new level. Undoubtedly, this is their best best album to date, and likely one of the best this year. 
The album comprises of ten tracks and every single track is eargasmic. It starts with the track named “The Pit”, and while listening to it you will like you are in a mosh pit—a perfect song to open up a festival. “Skyline follows, and few words will do justice to this masterpiece (I had this track on repeat, and likely you will too). Then comes “Frontiers”, which will take you to a whole new level of perfection; a magnificent guitar solo acting as a cherry in the top of the sweet cake.

The fourth track is titled “Majesty and Silence”, and it’s a progressive beauty, whilst “Rejuvenate” has great lyrics. The other five are masterpieces
on their own with “Thee Grey Heavens” bringing an instrumental depth to the album. Their is no criticism to be made for an album of such quality. Go buy the album and prepare yourself ready for a roller coaster ride of melodies.

Release date: 26-02-2016
Reviewer: Nayan Deka
Score: 10

Nayan Deka

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