First Bite


Listening to such an album revealed a whole brave new world to me. The use of traditional Heavy Metal alongside Modern music created something to be reckoned with.
All the way from Germany, meet Strangelet.

The album starts with a kicking song named “Privilege Of Power”, which is among one of my all time favourite Heavy Metal songs.
Followed by the brilliant guitar playing of the guitarist, it switches to  ” Nothing”.
The album have a steady followup of Heaviness, mixed with modern synthesizer sounds.
The mixing between the instruments is brilliant, and sounds professional.

The album follows up with a sad ballad sang by the vocalist and the drummer. The mix between the male and female vocals, make it a brilliant song for an album, and leaves the listener with a dire for more.

Overally, as a self-produced album, i can say Strangelet did a brilliant job indeed.


Release date: 12-12-2015
Reviewer: Zohar Belkin
Score: 10

Zohar Belkin

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