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Finnish power metal band Battle Beast is a guarantee for a party. Their show is dynamic and invites the audience to participate. When the show was announced in Gebr. De Nobel it was a no-brainer. About the venue; it’s a refurbished factory last owned by the brothers de Nobel, who traded in old metal.

The Battle Beast headliner tour is linked to the latest (release March 2019), fifth album of Battle Beast called “Hollywood Endings”. An album that created some discussions about the ‘Battle Beast sound’. I think it’s good that bands try to refresh and not keep the save track and produce an album similar to the previous one. Let’s see what the show brings.


Finnish power metal band Arion, the opener, started in 2011 and released two full length albums so far; “Last of Us” and “Life is not Beautiful”. They bring some experience and this can be recognized on stage. Powerful songs performed with enthusiasm, although 4 weeks touring has a price. The last song of the set was ‘At the Break of Dawn’ with dual vocals of Elize Ryd (Amaranthe), but as expected, she was there on backing track.
A great warming up for Battle Beast.

The opening song of Battle Beast is ‘Unbroken’, also the first track of the new album. Additional power is added with lots of smoke. It fits with the setup of the show. A power woman appearing from the smoke.

Battle Beast

The setlist is a good mix of songs of the new album and album “Bringer of Pain”.

After a slow down with  ‘Endless Summer’ and ‘I wish’ the show continued full speed.  The outsider in the set was ‘Out of control’ from the album “Battle Beast”. Interesting that that also reflected the enthusiasm of the audience. Great to see that even a show on a weekday can motivate people to visit a gig.

Battle Beast kept the best for the end. The regular set was closed with ‘Eden’, a highlight of the new album. The encore opened with the title track ‘No More Hollywood Endings’. Favorites ‘King for a Day’  and ‘Beyond the Burning Skies’ closed a great evening with Finish power metal.

Larger photo sets: Battle Beast and Arion

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