FemME Battle 2019 (III)

Preliminary Germany

The third Preliminary of the Female Metal Event Battles 2019 in Germany was definitely the most International one. Five bands from five countries would battle for 2 slots (jury winner / audience winner) in the European Final 7th of July in The Box (Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands). A week before the Danish band Nord cancelled because the singer left the band. No time to look for a new band, but the free slot was given to a surprise act. The Pitcher – Rock’n’Roll Headquarter in Düsseldorf was hosting the battle.

As Night Falls

The draw in the afternoon pointed As Night Falls as opener. This Polish Symphonic metal band was a strong opener opener of the battles. Most songs in the 35 minute set list were from the debut album “Embrace the Journey”. They sound was what you might expect but had some interesting nuances.

Dying Gorgeous Lies

Second band was German Dying Gorgeous Lies. Based on their biography already a more experienced band. Recently , they released a second album “The Hunter And The Prey”. They call themselves the Wasteland clan. The stage outfit is referring to the apocalyptical aftermath and the songs match. This concept was reflected in their entertaining show. The music; powerful songs with harsh vocals.

Eight Lives Down

The third band Eight Lives Down is hailing from London. But that’s just their location, the band with four members is an International consortium; Greece, Poland, France and Brazil. This might be the reason why it’s hard  to classify the music. ‘Metal and a certain something’ is what they say. Anyway, it was energetic and entertaining. Their only release is the EP “May Cause Death”.


The battles is closed by Swiss Xordia. Frontwoman Alyn is definitely leading the band. The Alternative Metal is an interesting mix of riffs, melodies, electronic tunes, beats, keys and a female voice. The EP “Dysotope” was the basis for the set.

Ann My Guard

The audience used the time of the chance-over for the surprise act to vote and the jury used  it to discuss the performances. The votes were counted during the set of Hungarian Ann My Guard. This band that impressed with their shows on the last two editions of FemME was nearby because of the tour with Maiden uniteD, one of the headliners of this years edition of FemME. The show was semi-acoustic based on their latest album “Moira”.

The audience voting resulted in  winner Eight Lives Down. The Jury decided different, taking into account various aspects of the shows. They choose Xordia as their winner. I’m happy I’m not part of the jury. Looking at the quality of the bands and the variance in styles, deciding is not an easy job. The good thing is that this is making the battles such an interesting and great event.
Other photos: As Night Falls, Dying Gorgeous Lies, Eight Lives Down, Xordia and guest Ann My Guard

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