Châlice, Skytap February 2016


They have been on tour with living legends like Deep Purple, Nazareth, Alice Cooper and Asia, but their big breakthrough has not been forthcoming. Founded in 1992, Hamburg, this Hard Rock band finally released their seventh album after a ten year break and celebrated with a release party at the Rock Café, St. Pauli. One year later, they were invited once again to party, this time in Marias Ballroom in Hamburg-Harburg. All pictures are available on Flickr.

Out as reinforcements to heat things up first was the fellow Hamburg-based band Skytap. As the rehearsal room an all the equipment went up in flames last year, Skytap 2.0—complete with new equipment—hit the stage, opening thunderously with the Thin Lizzy cover “Boys Are Back In Town”. Playing to a packed house with their signature brand of 80s style Melodic Rock, by the end of their hour long performance there was barely a face in the crowd that remained unconvinced. They even found themselves joined by the Châlice boys for their big finalé, only to be not permitted to leave, the audience demanding just one last song.


Skytap Setlist:

Intro – Boys Are Back In Town
Stop Me
It’s All
Let Me Be Myself
Can’t Get Enough
2nd Chance
Slow Down
Heart Of The Young
Get Up


Touched By Love

After a short break, Châlice started with the their double hits “You Better Get Used” and the title track from their last album “Overyears Sensation”. The area in front of the stage soon started swelling with eager fans. Whilst most of the songs of the evening came from the new album, older songs from albums like “Shotgun Alley” (2005), “Chameleonation” (2002) and “Persistence In Time” (1998) were also on the set list. This is Hard Rock at its best; banging guitars, keyboards in the style of Uriah Heep, and powerful vocals—not only from lead singer Gino Naschke, but also from his allies who excelled in providing backing vocal work. With the classic song “Hollywood Daze”, so ended the main part of the show, but Châlice were soon back out again for the encore. An acoustic song made for a quiet end of the evening; the all-time classic “T.W.I.M.T.B.P.” sung by bass player Steve, who had swapped out his bass for an acoustic guitar. A worthy conclusion to the evening.

Châlice Setlist:

You Better Get Used
Overyears Sensation
Rock’N’Roll Machine
Run For Cover
Shotgun Alley
Chasing The Wind
Turn Into
Glorious Again
All About Your Love
Turn Away
Shake The Earth
Taste It
Don’t Tell Me Lies
Hollywood Daze



A great evening with three hours of outstanding Rock music came to an end. Both bands were able to convince fans young and old, and as usual there was excellent sound and light in the Marias Ballroom. Thanks to Heimo and his team.

Rainer Kerber

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