Cerberus Millenia

Back Door To Asylum

Grinding tones, Great drum work, excellent workflow in the music, unclean vocals to the size of hell, and cutting edge solos. Those are the words that define the album by the Russian genius band of Technical Brutal Death Metal, BACK DOOR TO ASYLUM. With a morbid as well as the music the name, “Cerberus Millenia”. God, everything in this album reminded me of the greatest names of the genre. I couldn’t recognize a different between the scene’s greatest Technical Death bands to those new-school Russian guys.

Despite the fact that those songs are pretty short for the genre (approximately 3 minutes), they deliver you what it is all about – Death Fucking Metal. Let’s go through the songs – “Mafinestations” – No Vocals. Just heavy groovy grinding Death with a giant solo in its end. I can’t really say anything more about it, but you should listen and I dare you – Try to recognize your favorite Tech Death bands. “Auroral Plamagenesis” / “Inception To Genocide” – Considering those two together, I have browsed through my account on Facebook while taking a listen and I could guess only one thing – The smooth transpose from one to another is amazing. It is like listening to a continuous song. Those guys did here a great job, and the singer,Evgeniy Tkachev, Is a brutal singer as well.

“Unconditional Devoration” / “Gravity Inverse” – The move between those songs are colossus, if not one of the best moments I could hear in a Metal album. A quiet, but brutal song that gives you the feel of hell unleashed to be stuck in the middle of the album is just a great way to entertain you. To calm you. Before the storm… Until… Help Arrives. Named “Pitch Black Purity”. As predicted, as always, there will be an amazing song after the calm, the storm before the end, something so brutal to mosh the hell out of audience, to head bang till your headphones fall off, to slam till you will fall off your legs.

This album is just all what it is about – Death Fucking Metal.

Summing up everything, The Russians released another fine record of the Tech Death genre, which really pleased me.


Auroral Plasmagenesis
Inception To Genocide
Unconditional Devoration
Gravity Inverse
Pitch Black Purity
Threads Of The Wounded
Cerberus Paradigm
The Convergence process

Release date: 12-08-2014
Reviewer: Zohar Belkin
Score: 9

Zohar Belkin

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