Eden’s Curse


Scots are generally regarded to as thrifty. Eden’s Curse proved that it does not apply to all areas. So they did not go down just sparingly with the playing staff: Three keyboardists, two singers and a drummer have been worn out by the band in only 10 years. Continuity looks different. But at least they deal sparingly with the number of Scots in the band, because only two of the five musicians are indeed Scots.


But something good is there: Eden’s Curse also don‘t save on new material. So in October of this year the fifth studio album, which is called Cardinal, will be released. After last year’s live album, another sign of life of the band.


And that starts already very promising. “Prophets of doom” captivates with good-class riffing and a voice somewhere between Mats Levén, Tobi Sammet and Jorn Lande. The following “Sell your soul” with its melodies and piano sounds is almost poppy, but still breathes the typical Eden’s Curse flair.


With “The great pretender” (fortunately) no Freddy Mercury cover, but a pretty rocky metal song blasts your ears, including multi-voice vocals and an awesome guitar solo. The same line takes “Messiah complex.” Hard riffs, doublebass and a keyboard-guitar duel, as you know it from Dream Theater, are the hallmarks of the song.


The nearly seven-minute “Find my way” is the first of two long-tracks. Right balladesk held, it is the first smaller breather before it goes rocking again.


The other songs correspond to the beginning of the record, convincing with great melodies, magnificient singing and some unusual ingredients (introductory bass solo, electric keyboard passages, etc.) And a musical guest they also have to offer: Chucked out of Leave’s Eyes and thus having a lot of time, Liv Kristine gave the song “Unconditional” her voice and thus provides for a good duet with singer Nikola Mijić. The last highlight is the almost eight-minute bouncer “Jericho”, which is dealing with the biblical battle of Jericho. And just as epic as the theme is the song also musical. A worthy ending point for a good album.


In total, Eden’s Curse came off with a worthy successor to Symphony of sin, which as a single stain perhaps has the length of over 62 minutes. One or two songs less would probably have been enough. But this is a nagging on a high level, because you can also see it like that: You get a lot of good music for your money. Chapeau!


Eden’s Curse – “The great pretender”




Nikola Mijić – Vocals
Thorsten Köhne – Guitars, Vocals
Christian “Chrism” Pulkkinen – Keyboards
Paul Logue – Bass, Vocals
John Clelland – Drums


Label: AFM Records


Out: 14. Oktober 2016


Duration 62:19


Track list:


  • Prophets of Doom

  • Sell Your Soul

  • The Great Pretender

  • Messiah Complex

  • Find My Way

  • Kingdom of Solitude

  • Utopian Dreams

  • This Is Our Moment

  • Rome’s on Fire

  • Unconditional (feat. Liv Kristine)

  • Saints & Sinners

  • Jericho


Release date: 14-10-2016
Reviewer: David Kerber
Score: 8

David Kerber

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