Brutal Trash


The day after Finnish catchy power metal (Battle Beast) to the total opposite; brutal trash metal of Brazilian trio Nervosa. The venues reflects the same discrepancy, a fancy light and modern stage versus an obscure dark small stage at dB’s in Utrecht.  But it is as it should be; brutal trash has to be on a small stage in a dark setting with close contact to the audience.


Opener today was German trash metal band Rezet. They just released (February 2019) their forth full-length album “Deal with It!”. It was cold compared to the previous visit of Nervosa at dB’s. Rezet had no problem to raise the temperature indoor to the same level as last year. Sometimes hidden in smoke the four Germans were a great warming up for the main act.


On their Downfall of Mankind Tour 2019 there was only one show of Nervosa in the Netherlands. Playing  on a Thursday night was no issue for the fans. It was close to sold-out which created a good environment for the gig. The third album “Downfall of Mankind” (2018) is linked to the tour. It will be no surprise that the show opened with ‘Horrordome’ also opener of that album. With most songs from the latest album there was some time also for songs from “Agony” and debut album “Victim of Yourself”. With ‘Into Moshpit’ a night with trash metal ended as it should be.

After the show both bands were present to meet the fans. When possible it should be a “must do” to strengthen the relation between band and fans. Good job.

Full set photos: Nervosa + Rezet

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